How to clean longboard bearings

A Step-by-Step Guide to Clean Longboard Bearings

Having a clean longboard bearing is essential for an enjoyable and safe ride. Keeping your bearings in good condition will help make sure that your longboard runs smoothly and that you get the most out of your ride. 

Cleaning your bearings regularly will also help to keep them running at optimal performance and extend their life.

In this guide, we will provide some tips on how to properly clean your longboard bearings to ensure they stay in good condition. We will also look at the materials you’ll need, the best ways to clean them, and how often you should do it. 

So, if you’re looking to keep your bearings running like new, read on for our guide on how to clean longboard bearings.

How to clean longboard bearings?

Required material

  • A rag
  • Circlip pliers or a knife blade
  • A tray with a lid
  • Degreaser/solvent
  • Light grease/speed cream

Steps for bearing cleaning

  1. Take the bearings out of the wheels by removing the nut and sliding the wheel along the axle.
Opening the bearings of a longboard to clean

2. Remove the bearing shields by prying them off with a screwdriver or removing the “C” clip on metal-shielded bearings.

Removing the bearing shield by using a sharp object

3. Clean the bearings by soaking them in a solvent or alcohol and shaking them for about 2 minutes.

Cleaning the bearing by dipping in a cleaning solution

4. Regrease the bearings with a light lubricant like Powell Speed Cream.

Regreasing the bearings

5. Dry the bearings and put the bearings back in the wheels.

That’s it! Your skate bearings should be ready for your next ride. Feel free to repeat these 5 easy steps after some time as a part of regular maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I use to clean the bearings of my longboard?

You can use a degreaser or isopropyl alcohol to clean your longboard bearings. After cleaning, lubricate the bearings with bearing lube or oil.

Can I use WD40 on my skateboard bearings?

WD40 is not recommended for use on ball bearings. It will dry your bearings and attract a lot of dust. The best way to take care of your bearings is to clean them regularly with a cleaning solution, degreaser and lubricate them with a quality bearing oil.

Can you use Dawn to clean wheel and bearings of longboard?

Yes, Dawn can be used to clean wheels and bearings of longboard and an electric skateboard. You should use a soft cloth and a small amount of Dawn to wipe away dirt and grease. A toothbrush can also be used to help reach hard-to-clean areas. Be sure to rinse with clean water after cleaning with Dawn.

How do you lubricate longboard bearings?

You need to use a lubricant specifically designed for skateboard bearings, such as Bones Speed Cream or Tri-Flow. To lubricate your longboard bearings, first remove the wheels from the board. Then remove the bearing shields and clean the bearings with a soft cloth.

Apply a small drop of lubricant to each bearing and work it in by spinning the bearing until it is evenly distributed. Replace the shields, put the wheels back on your longboard, and you’re ready to ride!

How often to clean longboard bearings?

It is recommended that you clean your longboard bearings every few months, or whenever they start to feel slow or gritty.

Can I clean metal shielded skate bearings?

Yes, you can clean metal shielded skate bearings using a cleaning solution. You should also use a degreaser and a soft brush to remove any dirt or debris from the bearings. After cleaning, let them dry before replacing them in your skateboard or rollerblades.

Can I use olive oil on skateboard bearings?

No, you should not use olive oil on skateboard bearings. Skateboard bearings should be lubricated with a specialized bearing lubricant, or a light oil.

Can I use regular oil (like 3 in 1) in my bearings for extra speed of longboard?

No, regular oil is not suitable for use in skateboard bearings. It will cause the bearings to become clogged up with dirt and debris, making them slow and inefficient. Instead, you should use a specialized skateboard bearing lubricant or grease.

This will help keep your bearings running smoothly and efficiently, giving you more speed and performance on your longboard.

Is there a quick way of cleaning skate bearings?

Yes, there is a quick way of cleaning skate bearings. All you need to do is remove the bearing from the wheel and then use a degreaser or rubbing alcohol to clean off any dirt or grime that has accumulated on the bearing.

Once it’s cleaned, dry the bearing with a soft cloth and re-lubricate it before re-installing it in your skateboard wheel.

Is white lithium lubricant spray good for bearings?

White lithium lubricant spray can be used on bearings, but it is not necessarily the best option. There are specific bearing lubricants that are specifically designed for long-lasting use in extreme conditions, and these are generally preferable to white lithium lubricant sprays.

It should be noted that if your bearings have a lot of rust, and dirt, and don’t spin freely anymore, you should get a set of fresh bearings or new bearings.

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