What are the Best Bearings for a Longboard

What are the Best Bearings for a Longboard?

Bearings are an integral part of a skateboard or longboard. The bearing determines whether you will get a smooth ride or not, as well as the longevity of your product. Each wheel requires two bearings.

Not all longboard bearings are created equal. You will notice the difference between a good set of directions and bad ones that will change your ride.

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Longboard Bearing Buying Guide

What Are the Best Bearings for Longboard

The best bearings for a longboard depend on the type of riding you plan to do.

Generally, the faster and more aggressive your style of riding, the higher quality bearings you should look for.

Here are some qualities that make for good longboard bearings:

1. Durability – Longboard bearings need to be built to last since they get a lot of wear and tear over time. Look for bearings with durable materials like steel or ceramic that won’t chip or break easily.

2. Speed – High-quality longboard bearings are designed with low friction in mind so they can spin faster than average bearings. This helps you maintain your speed while skating without having to work too hard.

3. Smoothness – Good bearings will be smooth and silent when spinning, allowing for a smoother overall ride with less noise and vibration. Look for ABEC-rated (Annular Bearing Engineers Committee) bearings which indicate the precision of the bearing’s construction and performance level.

4. Lubrication – Quality longboard bearings come pre-lubricated with lubricants that help them spin faster and smoother while also reducing friction and wear over time.

5. Price – Bearings come in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges so it’s important to find ones that fit within your budget while still providing quality performance.

What Things to consider while choosing the bearings

What Things to consider while choosing the bearings?

1. ABEC Rating: The most important thing to consider when choosing longboard bearings is the ABEC rating. This rating indicates the precision and tolerance of the bearing, with higher rated bearings providing more accuracy, smoother performance, and longer lasting durability.

2. Material: Bearings are available in a variety of materials including steel, ceramic, and plastic. Steel is the most common material and offers solid performance at an affordable price point. Ceramic bearings are lighter and provide a faster roll than steel ones, but cost significantly more. Plastic bearings offer a budget option with less precision but greater durability than steel or ceramic bearings.

3. Lubrication: Longboard bearings come pre-lubricated from the factory, however, you may want to add some additional lubricant for better performance in certain conditions or if you ride frequently in wet environments such as near the ocean or on rainy days.

4. Shielding: Bearings typically come shielded or unshielded which refers to how much dirt and debris will be able to get into them over time as you ride your board around town. Unshielded bearings will require more frequent cleaning, while shielded bearings will stay cleaner for longer periods of time since they have an extra layer of protection against dirt and grime getting inside them.

Do bearings matter on a longboard?

Yes, bearings do matter on a longboard. They can affect the speed and stability of the ride, as well as the responsiveness and smoothness of turns. Good-quality bearings are designed to last longer, provide a smoother ride, and be more resistant to dirt, dust, and water.

Are ABEC 5 bearings good for longboards?

Yes, ABEC 5 bearings are suitable for longboard use. The ABEC rating system was created by the Annular Bearing Engineering Committee and is used to measure the precision of a bearing.

An ABEC 5 bearing is considered to be a good quality bearing with good accuracy and low friction. They are widely used in skateboards, longboards, and roller skates.

The ABEC rating tells you how well and precisely the bearing was made. The higher the rating, the better. However, for most applications, an ABEC 5 bearing is more than sufficient for longboarding.

For example:

ABEC 1 is the crudest, least accurate, most durable, and least expensive.

ABEC 3 comes with the cheapest complete skateboards, especially Chinese skateboards. These bearings work primarily for skateboarding but will only perform somewhat smoothly or slowly.

ABEC 5: bearings are familiar with skateboarding. You earn a fair quantity of quickness at a suitable price.

ABEC 7 bearings will be very quick and even but very costly. Also, if you skate hard or aggressively, you risk hurting them unnecessarily, and some cheap overseas-made ABEC 7 bearings may not permit this type.

Using ABEC 9 and above bearings on a skateboard would be reasonable if you are doing downhill lodge-style skating or anything else where your goal is to go extremely fast. If you don’t spend money on these bearings, don’t believe they are ABEC 9.

Are ABEC 5 bearings good for longboards?

Yes, ABEC 5 bearings are suitable for longboard use. The ABEC rating system was created by the Annular Bearing Engineering Committee and is used to measure the precision of a bearing.

Do longboards need special bearings?

Yes, longboards need special bearings. Longboard bearings are made with a variety of materials, including steel, ceramic, and titanium.

They are also designed to be more resistant to dust and dirt than standard skateboard bearings. Additionally, longboard bearings typically feature a higher ABEC rating (the industry standard for bearing accuracy) to provide a smoother ride. The type of bearing you choose will depend on your riding style and budget.

Steel or Ceramic Bearings: Which is Better on a Longboard?

Steel bearings are typically the better option for longboards because they provide a smoother ride, less rolling resistance, and greater durability.

Ceramic bearings, while lighter in weight and offering a smoother ride, can be more prone to wear and tear over time. Additionally, ceramic bearings are generally more expensive than steel bearings.

How long do skateboard bearings last?

Skateboard bearings can last anywhere from three months to two years, depending on the quality of the bearings and how often they are used. Good quality bearings that are properly maintained can last up to two years.

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