Freeride Longboarding

What is Freeride Longboarding?

What is freeride longboarding?

Freeride a longboard is one of the most famous styles of longboarding alongside downhill and, in a manner, remains closely connected. However, freeriding has roots in road skating, which advances riding openly any place you are. 

So another question, after getting the best freeride longboard, is how to freeride a longboard. The primary procedures for freeriding are tailwhips, sliding,  flip stunts, early grips, manuals, little downhill, and tech sliding. So, if you’re just starting out with longboarding or if you’ve been using it to get around or just for fun, you know the basics of how to adjust and stay balanced. 

Assuming that your next objective is to get the speed and ride down more extreme slopes, you first need to figure out how to stop!

Foot slowing down will take you up until this point; to ride downhill, you must figure out how to slide.

How to freeride a longboard?

How to freeride a longboard?
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One strategy for looking into weight moving for speed control is to work on carving; for example, progressive turns are performed by moving your body weight into your toes and lower legs and pushing hard into the board rail for profound turns.

While you’re carving, you’re only one stage away from sliding – there are times when you endly slide a piece as you incline profoundly toward a turn.

When you’re open to playing out the S-formed cuts, you can begin exploring different avenues regarding soft stand-up slides on a gentle incline since, at this point, you have some grip on how to move your weight from one rail to another.

Begin rehearsing delicate heelside stand-up sliding by rapidly turning your board sideways across the incline while at speed and pushing the two legs out to get the board floating. The key expertise you’ll require for freeride longboarding is riding switch, that is, riding inverse your regular position. 

Longboard Freeride VS downhill

Freeride longboarding and downhill are similar with just a slight difference. 

  • Freeride longboarding includes downhill riding at low to direct speed, emphasising performing mode power slides to control your plunge.
  • Downhill racing is principally about obtaining the most powerful strides.
  • Free-riders look to perform slides, turns, and other specialised moves for their magnificence and control speed.

You can utilize most downhill boards for freeride and most freeride boards for the downhill ride. The reason is that the two styles of skating share the basic elements of sliding and going hastily.

Freeride longboarding

Freeriding is the craft of sliding and riding down slopes or roads, generally carving. They have some flex, and many are proportional. This riding style is stunt situated and more specialized, and the rider cuts and slides to control speed.

Freeride Longboarding Experiences with

Best freeride longboard

Picking the right longboard for freeride relies upon a few elements, including your abilities, the speed you’ll be going, your size and weight, the sort of slopes you’ll be freeriding on, and the specialized stunts you desire to do.

Given the right abilities, it’s feasible to freeride on any longboard. However, freeride-centered boards normally have characteristics that make them considerably more steady at speed and simpler to slide.

Here are the 5 top best longboards for freeriding.

  1. Loaded Cantellated Tesseract Longboard
  2. Loaded Boards Tesseract Bamboo Longboard
  3. Landyachtz Drop Cat Complete Longboard
  4. Omakase Bamboo Longboard Skateboard
  5. Landyachtz Switchblade & Ten Two Four Longboard
Loaded Boards Cantellated Tesseract Bamboo Longboard
Top Pick

Loaded Cantellated Tesseract Longboard

The Cantellated longboard length is 36, single kick intended for quick freeride. It has a similar max 26″wheelbase as the Loaded Basalt Tesseract sibling giving it great solidness at velocity.

However, the Cantellated Tesseract gloats a rockered profile for strong foot security in fast slides as well as areas of strength as help for cornering. 
Loaded Boards Tesseract Bamboo Longboard
Budget Pick

Loaded Boards Tesseract Bamboo Longboard

The Stacked Basalt Tesseract is a high-level freeride machine, 39″ long by 9.5″ wide, with a 26″ max flexible wheelbase.

The exact shape and nice double kicks make this board appropriate for cutting-edge specialized freeriding, switch riding, and blending in some free-form stunts (Loaded Basalt Tesseract can change the wheelbase somewhere around 1.5″).
Landyachtz Drop Cat Complete Longboard
Best Shape

Landyachtz Drop Cat Complete Longboard

It’s a 38″ x 9.9″ moderate-sized drop-through with a close even (however directional) shape reasonable for switch riding. The enormous wheel patterns make this board without wheel bite for severe freeride carves, containing huge 72mm wheels.

With a 29-inch wheelbase, the Drop Cat is extremely powerful at speed, similar to the Switchblade 38-inch wheelbase.
Loaded Boards Omakase Bamboo Longboard
Smooth Freeride

Omakase Bamboo Longboard Skateboard

However, a lot more modest than your ordinary freerider, the Stacked Omakase is a truly magnificent board for smooth freeride. While it’s moderately lightweight at 33.5″ with a 22″ max wheelbase, the Omakase is exceptionally wide for its length (10″), providing it with a strong and reliable sense for freeriding.
Landyachtz Switchblade & Ten Two Four Longboard
Best for beginners

Landyachtz Switchblade & Ten Two Four Longboard

The Landyachtz Switchblade is one of the most incredible novices freeride boards. It arrives in three distinct sizes, 40″ x 10″, 38″ x 9.8″, and 36″ x 9.5″).

The immense wheel patterns (“wingtips” plan) take into account huge 70mm wheels without wheel bite. It’s a super-steady board with an extremely lengthy wheelbase (31″, 29″, or 27″, given the size.)

How to Powerslide on a Longboard?

Power sliding is one of the most significant moves you’ll discover on your longboard. As far as I might be concerned, figuring out how to powerslide has been a significant objective; although I should just let it out,  it looked frightening for a newbie.

Power sliding implies pushing your board 90 degrees across the street so your wheels are done turning and begin slipping. The contact causes you to lose speed rapidly, a viable method for dialing back or stopping.

The essential points involved while figuring out how to do a power slide:

  1. Begin on level ground or a little incline by obtaining a little momentum.
  2.  By pushing on your front barrier, make a subtle toeside pre-turn.
  3. At that point, with your weight down low, begin an intense heelside spin.
  4. Shove your board with your back foot to take it 90º across while swiveling.
  5. Simultaneously, fix your legs, slant backward, swing your shoulders, and skate.
  6. Discharge the burden on your behind foot and slump your pressure toward the front to halt the slide.


Longboards are popular among every age of people, especially among teenagers. They love to learn new and challenging skills. Freeride is the famous style of a longboard.  

Freeride longboard skills differ from other styles, such as cruising, carving, freestyle, and downhill racing. These skills require a good board that is wide and has decent wheels. You can consult a longboard buyer guide if you are a beginner. 

Frequently Asked Question

What is free-riding on a longboard?

Freeride is a well-known style of longboarding. Freeride is a term that refers to the act of plunging down a riding surface while incorporating various moves such as semi-opposite slides by carving (riding in an “S” shape) and braking friction.

These techniques delay or “check” velocity, rapidly adopting the prior riding position and proceeding forward advancement. This sliding utilizes a few security gadgets, slide gloves, and helmets.

How do you freestyle on a longboard?

A nose manual brings an extraordinary prologue to the universe of freestyle longboarding. If you’re ready to stay on your longboard while cruising simply, this is the most vital phase in memorizing steadying stunts.

The nose manual includes riding on your front wheels while taking your back wheels off the ground.

  1. You begin by rolling your front foot up to the beak of your longboard, moving your body marginally on that front foot.
  2. Relying on the size of your board, you might have to move your back foot up a little toward the middle.

Are freeride longboards good for beginners?

No, freeride longboards are not good for beginners because they are highly technical, and you need pro skills for this style. Like downhill, it’s anything but beginner-friendly longboard style.

Much of the time, freeride boards are more flexible than downhill longboards. They have grip tape on the powerful side to assist with securing you while sliding—moreover, harder and modest wheels for simpler sliding.

Freeride is blending high paces in with sliding. Consider it in the middle between downhill and freestyle. The high paces downhill blended in with the indicative type of freestyle.

How can I get better at riding my longboard?

This rundown of longboarding tips for novices will assist you with getting everything rolling while ideally decreasing the agony and experience many go through!

Let’s take a look:

  • Make sure to get the right board according to your skill level.
  • Discover your stance if you’re goofy or regular.
  • Learn and practice balancing as it is one of the essential factors for boarding.
  • After balancing, learn and practice tuning stance.
  • You need to master the push and brake stance; for this, you need to learn to balance on one leg.
  • When you learn about basic stances, it’s time to learn roll stance.
  • Foot braking is also an important step to learn for master riding a longboard.
  • After learning all these basic stances, you must learn the techniques you can do on longboards.
  • Start by riding on a mild hill, then learn and practice carving, turning, sliding, and dancing on the longboard.

Is 30 too old for a longboard?

No, 30 is not too old for longboard riding. There are no age restrictions for any type of riding. You can learn longboarding whenever you want!

Longboarding discussions are full of individuals in their mid-30s and folks in their 50s and 60s riding consistently. Many moderately aged individuals are resuscitating their adoration for skating, frequently through longboarding, which is more accessible to established riders. 

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