How To Make Longboard Wheels Spin Longer?

How To Make Longboard Wheels Spin Longer: 5 Ways You Can Do

Are you wondering how you can make your fastest longboard wheels spin longer? Many reasons contribute to why your longboard wheels are not spinning well. And you can consider different factors to make your longboard wheel spin longer.

While you’re riding your longboard, you can know by its speed if there is something wrong with your longboard. But how can you make your longboard spin longer?

Take immediate action if you find a little change in your longboard speed, as detecting a little wheel issue ahead can save you from large trouble. 

5 Ways to Make Your Longboard Spin Longer

If you want your longboard wheels to spin longer and faster, there are some steps below you can take to achieve that

1# Make your Longboard Stable

 Sometimes longboarders face speed wobbles, and for those oblivious learners, it takes place all of a sudden and can have discouraging effects. Speed wobble happens when riders are going at high speed. 

And also, sometimes, if you feel your longboard is wobbling and has unbalanced wheels. Then you need to make it stable otherwise, it’s going to cause problems. Its performance is not going to be the same way. The wheels are not going to spin freely. So if you find this problem, fix it.

First, know the problem; if the wheels are too tight or too loose, then act accordingly and make your board attain its balance. This will make your longboard balanced! 

2# Lose the wheels on the longboard to make them spin longer

The wheels on the longboard need to be fixed. It should not be loose enough when you ride on it. However, they wobble, or you lose your balance and not be tight enough that your longboard doesn’t even move an inch when you try to take a ride.

So be aware of the little changes in your board while riding so you can fix problems earlier and prevent big losses. If you feel the wheels are tight, make them lose a little bit with proper tools and techniques.

Lose The Wheels On The Longboard To Make Them Spin Longer
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3# Clean and lubricate the longboard bearings to make them work better 

 Dirty and dry bearings can also be the reason behind longboard wheels’ slower spinning. So if you are facing the problem with slower longboard wheels or it doesn’t spin for long, then you need to clean and lubricate the bearings.

Only cleaning the wheels is not going to work or not changing the wheels, Bearing is needed to clean thoroughly.

The step you can take to clean your longboard is given below:

  1. You need to remove the wheels from your longboard.
  2. Remove bearings from the longboard of your wheels by using the axle. Once bearings are out, remove their shields with something pointy and sharp.
  3. After removing the bearings and bearing shields, sock them in a cleaner but make sure the cleaner is not water-based. Isopropyl alcohol, mineral spirits, and acetone are good options.
  4. Sock them in this cleaner for several minutes and rub them with a rag or toothbrush.
  5. After cleaning the bearings you now need to re-lubricate them. This is a very important step, do not forget it, because dry bearings will generate friction dangerous for your longboard. 
  6. After the cleaning process is completed place back the bearings and their shields in their place, make sure to fit them well. 

4# Ride your longboard on smooth and steeper roads

The roads can also play a vital role in longboard speed. Always ride on a smooth, steep road, as it will ease your ride. Plain roads help increase the speed; your wheel will spin longer and faster, while rough roads reduce your longboard speed. Here are the best places for skateboarding.

5# Try using the bigger wheel to make them spin longer

If you are facing problems while riding your boards or having speed issues, you should change your wheel size. Small wheels tend to have less speed, while larger wheels have high speed and are overly sought.

How To Make Longboard Wheels Spin Longer
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long should longboard wheels spin?

Your longboard wheel only needs to spin freely for 2 seconds. You can check your longboard speed by riding it around; if you face difficulty moving it, you need to loosen the wheels; if you feel them move freely, or if you feel like it is losing balance, you need to tighten the wheels.

Why do my skateboard wheels not spin for long?

There can be any problem when skateboard wheels do not spin for long. Sometimes old wheels can be the problem, but the new wheels are not gonna do anything; lubricating and cleaning your bearing is only the solution.

Do longer longboards go faster?

Yes, longer longboards go faster than smaller deck boards, like penny boards. The reason is that longboards have bigger wheels, and higher wheels accelerate and hold speed.

Do bigger wheels make you go faster on a longboard?

Yes, bigger wheels are actually the reason for longboards to go faster. It is easy to push and accelerate the smaller wheels quickly, but bigger wheels are overall speedy and inclined to have a higher speed.


Skateboarding’s velocity is affected by the wheels. Wheels’ overall performance is also affected by wheel bearings. It plays a crucial part in its performance. So how is it possible to make the fastest longboard wheels spin longer? It isn’t always sufficient to use wheels manufactured from high-quality materials. 

It also matters how you choose your wheel as its choices additionally count; your board spins faster if you use larger and harder wheels.  And it also matters how you keep your wheels as it has an amazing effect on your skateboard’s abilities.

The roads you ride your board on also affect your wheel’s performance. Steady and smooth roads make longboard wheels spin faster and longer.

Through this article, I attempted to provide you with methods and guidance to help you make your board wheel spin longer. 

Your longboard just needs good care and maintenance to work properly for you!

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