ways to carry and hold a longboard

How to Carry a longboard? ( Skateboard or surfboard)

Are you planning on taking your longboard out for a ride? 

Carrying one isn’t as easy as it may seem, especially after a tiring longboarding session.

You need to be aware of the weight, size, and shape of the board so that you can make sure that it is safely strapped down for transportation. 

This guide will provide you with some essential tips on how to hold and carry a longboard, skateboard, or a surfboard with ease.

How to hold and carry a longboard?

There are different ways to carry a longboard. It includes carrying by hand, using a backpack, attaching with the straps, using public transportation, and using a rope.

Carry your longboard by hand

Carrying your longboard by hand is the simplest and most obvious method. If you’re not riding a long distance or your board isn’t too big, just grab it in your hands and start walking.

A grip tape can help if you plan to carry your longboard by hand, as it allows you to grip tightly without injuring your hands.


  • Carrying your longboard by hand is easy and convenient.
  • It is a great way to show off your board in public.
  • It allows you to be more mobile than if you were pushing it on the ground.
  • It is much easier and safer than riding it in certain situations such as tight spaces or busy sidewalks.


  • Carrying your longboard by hand can be tiring, especially on longer trips or with heavier boards.
  • Your board could get damaged from rubbing against walls, railings, or other obstacles while carrying it.
Longboard in hand

Use a longboard backpack

Another great option for carrying your longboard is to put your longboard to your backpack. This is especially useful if you need to carry other items with you, such as helmets or gloves.

The backpack will keep everything secure and in one place while you travel. Some backpacks even come with generously padded shoulder straps for added comfort.

These bags have enough room for your board and any extra gear, making transportation a breeze.

Whether you’re walking, biking, or taking public transportation, a longboard backpack is  comfortable to carry and an excellent option for carrying your board.


  • Longboard backpacks make it easy to transport your longboard from place to place without having to worry about carrying it by hand or using another type of bag.
  • A longboard backpack provides extra protection for your board, as well as any other items you may carry with it, such as clothing or books. This helps prevent any damage from occurring during transportation.
  • Many longboard backpacks come in a variety of different styles, colors, and designs so you can find one that suits your taste and reflects your personality.


  • Longboard backpacks tend to be more expensive than other types of bags due to their specialized design and materials used in construction.
  • Depending on the size of the backpack and what you are carrying in it, the weight can become a burden if you are walking or biking for long distances while wearing the pack.
  • Some people may find that a longboard backpack is too bulky for their needs, especially if they are only using it occasionally or plan on carrying other items with it as well.

Using a travel or golf bag

Using a travel or golf bag to carry a longboard is a good option. Not only will it protect your longboard from damage, but it can also fit other accessories like helmets and wheels.

This method is especially useful for air travel since most airlines accept golf bags as regular checked baggage, with additional service charges for the first or second checked bag.


  • The travel bags are large enough to accommodate the longboard, and it can also provide extra protection during transportation.
  • It is easy to carry and offers a safe way to transport a longboard without having to worry about it getting damaged.
  • It also provides additional storage for carrying other items such as tools, accessories, etc.


  • It  may be too bulky and heavy when fully loaded with the longboard and other items.
  • The bag may not offer enough protection from the elements such as rain or dust while transporting the longboard.
  • The bag may not fit in certain spaces, such as car trunks or buses, due to its size and weight.

Use a rope to carry your longboard

If you need a hands-free way to carry your longboard, then consider tying a rope around it.

This method is perfect if you need to use your hands for anything else, like carrying a backpack or pushing a stroller. To use this longboard carrying system, just wrap the rope around the bottom truck and adjust the length to your desired position. 

Then, you can either hold the rope or let it rest on your shoulder.

It’s a simple and effective solution to carrying your longboard. Just remember to be careful when crossing narrow doorways or getting on public transportation while carrying a longboard.


  • Carrying a longboard with a rope is convenient and easy, especially for longer distances.
  • Ropes are easy to carry and won’t take up much space in your bag or on your person.
  • It is relatively inexpensive compared to other transport options.
  • You can adjust the length of the rope depending on your height and comfort.
  • It is an eco-friendly option since it doesn’t require any fuel or electricity.


  • Carrying a longboard with a rope can be tiring if you have to keep it up for extended periods of time.
  • The rope can get tangled easily, causing inconvenience and delay.
  • If the rope isn’t tied properly, it may slip off while you are carrying the board and cause damage or injury.

Use backpack shoulder straps

Another convenient way to hold a longboard is by using backpack shoulder straps.

This method looks cool and is especially useful if you need your hands free. 

The backpack strap or longboard belt solution allows you to easily carry your longboard on your back, leaving your hands available for any other tasks or activities.

Also, it can be quite comfortable to carry heavier longboard decks if you use a well-padded backpack with adjustable straps.


  • The shoulder straps are very convenient, as they allow you to carry your longboard without having to use your hands.
  • The straps make it easier to maneuver around crowded areas or tight spaces.
  • It can be more comfortable than carrying the board in your hands for longer distances.
  • It frees up your hands for other activities such as carrying bags and using a phone.


  • If you overload, it can lead to back and shoulder pain due to the strain on the muscles.
  • The weight of the longboard can make the backpack feel unbalanced and uncomfortable.
  • Straps may not provide enough support if you’re carrying heavier objects such as multiple boards or large items.

Use public transportation

Another great way to carry your longboard is to combine it with public transportation.

By riding your board to the station, catching a train or bus, and then continuing on your board, you can cover a lot of ground while avoiding traffic and parking hassles.

Longboards are relatively easy to carry on public transportation, as they can be held under your arm or even placed in a backpack.


  • Public transport is often cheaper than other forms of transport, and can provide a great way to carry your longboard around without breaking the bank.
  • Public transport helps reduce carbon emissions, which can help reduce air pollution and protect the environment.
  • It can be easier to plan trips using public transport, as there are usually set timetables and routes that make it easy to plan journeys.


  • Depending on your location, you may not have many public transport options available to you.
  • Many public transport networks limit the size of items passengers can bring on board, which could make it difficult to carry a longboard with you.
  • Delays are common on public transport networks, which could mean having to wait for longer than expected for your journey or changing your plans altogether.
Using public transport to carry Longboard


How to apply grip tape to a longboard?

To start, make sure your longboard is clean and dry. Use old grip tape or sandpaper to scratch the top of the deck, which will help the grip tape stick better. Peel off the backing and carefully lay the grip tape sticky-side-down on the deck.

Work your way outward from the center, pressing down on the grip tape as you go. Use a piece of cloth to brush off any dust.

Hold the grip tape longways and hover over the deck to ensure it’s centered. Stick the grip to the nose of the board, then to the tail, and trim the edges with a razor blade.

Applying grip tape can be challenging, but with patience and care, you’ll have a better riding and carrying experience. Moreover, you will have the perfect grip for dancing and showing off the tricks.

How do you carry a longboard easily?

Carrying a longboard can be a bit tricky. The best way to carry it is to hold it close to your body, with one hand on the nose and the other on the tail.

You can also use a longboard carrying strap, which wraps around the board and attaches to both sides of your backpack or shoulder bag.

This makes it easier to carry without having to hold it in your hands the entire time.

How do you pick up a longboard?

To pick up a longboard, stand next to it with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Place one hand on the deck of the board and the other hand on the trucks. Bend your knees slightly and lift with your legs, keeping your back straight.

How do you bring a longboard to school?

The best way to bring a longboard to school is on a bicycle or in a backpack. If your school allows it, you can also try to ride the longboard to school, though be sure to check with your school beforehand.

How do you tie a longboard backpack?

To tie a longboard backpack, start by threading one end of a rope or cord through one of the loops on the back of the backpack. Then, thread the other end of the rope through a loop on the other side of the backpack and pull it tight. Finally, tie a knot in the rope to secure it in place.

How to carry longboard on bike?

1. Purchase a longboard transport bag or wrap: There are several bags and wraps made specifically for carrying longboards on bikes. When using a bag, remove the trucks and wheels from your board before inserting it.
2. Attach your board to a bike rack: If you don’t want to purchase a bag or wrap, you can use straps to attach your board directly to most standard bike racks. Be sure that the straps are tight enough to keep the board from shifting while riding.
3. Tie it down with bungee cords: For added security, you can use bungee cords in combination with straps or bags for extra support when carrying your board on your bike.

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