Do you need Gloves for Longboarding

Do You Need Gloves For Longboarding?

Do you need gloves for longboarding? Is it necessary to wear gloves while longboarding?

Yes, you need gloves for longboarding because they offer protection from cuts, scrapes, sun heat, sweatiness, and stickiness. Gloves also improve the grip, reduce vibration, and increase the confidence.

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9 reasons why need gloves for skateboarding

Protection from cuts and scrapes:

Longboarding involves a lot of fast-paced motion and you may find yourself falling off your board or running into obstacles on the track. Wearing gloves can help protect your hands from any cuts, scrapes, or abrasions that you may encounter while longboarding.

Better grip

Gloves with rubberized palms provide extra grip when holding onto your board’s handlebars or pushing off for speed. This is especially helpful if you are riding in wet conditions or if the surface of your board is slick.

Reduced vibration

The shocks and vibrations from the pavement can cause discomfort and pain in your hands over time. Wearing gloves can help reduce these vibrations, making it more comfortable to ride longer distances.


If you live in an area with cold temperatures, wearing gloves will help keep your hands warm while longboarding. This makes it easier to maintain control of your board so that you can enjoy a smooth ride even when it’s cold outside!

Sun protection

Longboarding often takes place outdoors and during sunny days, which means that your hands may be exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time without sunblock applied. Wearing gloves can help protect your skin from burns and damage caused by UV rays.

Protection against windburn

Windburn is a painful condition that can occur when skin is exposed to strong winds over time without proper protection such as gloves or coverings on the hands and face.

Improved safety

Longboarding involves high speeds and potential hazards like rocks, gravel, or sand that could injure unprotected hands if they got caught underneath the wheels of the board at high speeds or during a fall off the board unexpectedly. Wearing gloves helps protect against any accidental injuries that may occur while longboarding for improved safety on the track!

Reduced sweatiness/stickiness

Longboarding often requires powerful pushing motions with your hands which results in sweaty palms that can make it difficult to maintain control of the board . Wearing gloves helps reduce this stickiness so that you have better control over your ride .

Increased confidence

Gloves provide an extra layer of security when riding , which can give riders more confidence while they are riding . This increased confidence leads to smoother rides and less fear of falling off due to uncertain movements !

Safety with the Best Slide Gloves for Longboarding

You can try two methods for securely stopping a longboard. Sliding or footbraking, you will break down the shoes exceptionally quickly, so slide gloves are a money saver compared to the shoes. 

Safety with the Best Slide Gloves for Longboarding

The shutdown slide is an extremely powerful approach to longboard breaking and will keep you more secure in longboard sliding.

Here is the list of the best longboard Slide gloves.

1. Delrin pucks Sector 9 Rush Slide Gloves

Delrin pucks are the most reasonable choice; these Delrin pucks arrive with no finger pucks but only palm pucks. I prescribe them to advance longboard riders looking for something special. 

The gloves have fingertips of kevlar reinforced and have a basic wrist strap. Available in sizes of X large and X small so anyone from kids to adults can nut them.  

The reinforced fingertips can provide some reliability but tear apart if dragged too much on the ground, so keep the tips off the ground. These gloves have Delrin in their pucks; the material is better than Polyurethane but not as good as UHMW-PE. 

The color schemes and graphics are cool and available in many different options. 

2. HBST- 05 Andux Land Slider Glove 

The Land Slider Gloves are a reasonable alternative that won’t think twice regarding fit, quality, and safety. The Land Slider Glove HBST-05 is the best for relaxed riders who would rather not waste much money on gloves. 

However, the pucks in the palm are replaceable, and the wrist strap is for powerful use. Even with a single touch, you can feel the reliability and strength of these gloves. 

Even though these are not the best quality as Loaded Boards freeride slide gloves but still capable of securing your hands from scraps. These are not expensive but are also not so cheap. 

3. Freeride Longboard Slide Gloves Loaded Boards

Loaded Boards are known as a company that has high-quality gear. So these freeride longboard slide gloves are also going to be premium quality. The style of these gloves is similar to the Triple 8 Sliders Gloves, with a thumb and palm puck and finger bars. The difference is in the material used in these gloves making. The puck in these gloves is of (UHMW-PE), the most abrasive resistance, slickest, and hardest plastic available, and is the abbreviation of (U) ultra-high (M) molecular (W) Weight (PE)polyethylene. 

The company uses a mix of Cordura and kevlar material in these gloves, which makes them more durable and solid. The gloves also come with reflective parts, which are helpful while skating in dark times. 

The material is breathable, so best for summer and the hot climate. It also comes with Poron padding in the knuckle and palm area that helps absorb extra vibration. 

These gloves are expensive but worth the money because of the durable material. 

4. Triple 8 Sliders Gloves for Longboard

The 8-slider Glove has high-quality material with velcro attached to the palm and fingertips on the top of a full leather glove. This velcro helps in attaching the plastic pucks. Gloves arrive with replaceable polyurethane finger bars and pucks. 

Triple 8 Slider also comes with wrist velcro straps that you can wrap around your wrist and tighten these straps as you want. For tiny and wide wrists, these straps are super useful. 

The material used in this pair of gloves will give longboard riders the best protection, and it will also go for a long time. The leather will also keep your hand warm, so best for the winter season. 

If you want to replace your puck with a better pair of gloves, I suggest this slide glove. These sliders are great newbie slide gloves. However, the pucks keep them down. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need slide gloves for longboarding?

Yes, wearing slide gloves is recommended for longboarding. Slide gloves will help protect your hands from scrapes and abrasions when sliding or falling. They also provide grip and control on the board, helping you to maintain a better balance when carving or cruising.

What gloves do longboarders wear?

Longboarders typically wear gloves that are designed specifically for longboarding. These gloves usually have reinforced fingertips and palms to protect the rider’s hands from getting scraped up while riding. They also often feature wrist straps to help keep the gloves in place and provide more protection.

What Do Longboarders Wear On Their Hands?

Longboarders often wear gloves to protect their hands from cuts and abrasions, as well as to provide improved grip on the board. Additional protective gear, such as wrist guards and elbow pads, are also worn by some longboarders.

What Should You Wear When Longboarding?

When longboarding, it is important to wear comfortable and protective clothing. Wear clothes that allow you to move freely and easily. Clothes that cover your arms and legs are recommended to protect against potential scrapes or cuts, while closed-toe shoes will help protect your feet from any debris on the ground.

Additionally, a helmet and other safety gear such as elbow pads, knee pads, and gloves should be worn at all times for added protection.

Do I Need Protective Gear For Longboarding?

Yes, you should always wear protective gear such as a helmet, wrist guards, elbow pads, and knee pads when longboarding. This will help protect you from any falls or crashes that may occur while riding.

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