Best Longboard Brands

8 Best Longboard Brands Every Beginner Should Know

If you are new to longboarding, one of the first things you might ask yourself is, “What are the best longboard brands?” By “best longboard brands,” we usually mean:

  • Offer the best value for money.
  • Excellent performance products
  • Makes the most durable and lightweight bridge.
  • The highest quality ingredients.

Best Longboard Brands

A cursory glance at Google Trends last year confirms our view of which longboard brands dominate the market in terms of brand popularity:

Let’s take a closer look at each of these brands and one or two of their most popular boards.

1. Sector 9 Longboard Brand

Sector 9 brand Website

Sector 9 longboards are highly valued for their construction quality and smooth, easy ride. Their finish is strong and long-lasting, but it comes at a reasonable price — between $ 130 and $ 230.

Sector 9 Longboard Brand

Many Sector 9 longboards are also great for beginners.

Sector 9 has its longboard production facility within its headquarters in San Diego, unlike many other brands that outsource production to China. While the brand has always focused on design, it also offers the best free riders and cruisers.

The Sector 9 brand decking has a 120-day warranty against defects in materials or artistry and delamination.

The Lookout Bamboo Drop Throw Carving Board is one of the most popular longboards in Sector 9:

  • Medium-sized directional path with large wheel cutout
  • Plenty of room for long-distance travel/travel and less riding.
  • Wheel cutouts provide high clearance for 69mm wheels.
  • Flexible bamboo construction allows for energetic and responsible painting.
  • A long wheelbase and gull-wing RKP trucks provide high-speed stability.

Here are the best longboard wheels.

Early longboard from Sector 9 – Review:

My favorite choice is Sector 9 Panicle. The board is 42 inches long and 9.6 inches wide. Slightly heavier but perfect if you’re looking for a smooth, stable ride. It means that trucks are parked on the bridge and exit. It makes the deck a little more stable and allows beginners to adapt quickly to the ride.

Also, they comes with complete large 74mm, 78a wheels. These wheels allow the skateboard to rotate easily over cracks, rocks, and other road defects. While providing a smooth ride.

2. Loaded Coyote

Loaded Coyote brand website

The Coyote is primarily a recreation of the famous slasher kit Thaka, cut off from the excess Kantaka deck and then quickly closed.

In under $200 for a full deck, the price of a maple Coyote is lower than the useless Kut-Thaka – and most other loaded completions. Although more expensive than the best-selling city cruisers, such as the Landyachtz’s Dinghy or Tugboat, the Coyote offers a smoother and more comfortable ride than arguably.

  • 30.75 ″ x 8.4 ″ 17.5 ″ with the wheelbase
  • Versatile and highly smooth city cruiser and slasher
  • Slight speed / free ride DNA
  • Small and wide kick tail, little nose kick
  • Decent concave, prominent wheel flares, toe lockout
  • High-speed driving, slashing, popping, free riding in the city
  • TKP 129mm or RKP 150mm, depending on the truck-driving style
  • 65mm orangating wheels

3. Landyachtz Longboard brand

Landyachtz brand website

The Landyachtz brand has been around for over 20 years and also benefits from a great image in the world of longboards. The brand is more minor than Sector 9 and Arbor but has become one of the market’s most popular manufacturers of longboards.

Landyachtz Longboard brand

Although their boards are affordable for quality (usually 150- $ 250), most riders agree that Landyachtz makes some excellent and durable boards. The Landyachtz has its roots in rigorous longboard racing, it now offers a wide range of longboards, from cruisers and full-size passengers to free rides and downhill boards.

In addition to its standard decks, Landyachtz also designs and manufactures its trucks under the Bear Trucks brand and the famous Hawgs brand wheels. It allows Landyachtz to achieve a permanent end-to-end standard for its completion.

The most popular dinghy mini-cruiser Landichatz has always been a bestseller:

  • 28.2 8 x 8 ″ 14.6 ″ with a wheelbase.
  • Very small and portable, very agile for roads, very popular.
  • Big kick tail for size, slight nose kick for tricks.
  • Intense concave and clear wheel flares for foot locks.
  • Best Mini Cruiser for Price (Approximately ً 150).
  • Large (for the deck), soft and smooth fatty hogs 63 mm wheels.
  • Solid and attractive 105 mm polar beer street truck.

My Favorite Early Longboard from Landichatz – Tug Boot Overview:

As popular as the dinghy is, if I buy a new longboard, it will not be my choice. My favorite is the Landichatz tug. At 30 inches long and 9 inches wide, this board is a full inch wide and 2 inches long. It only means that the small cruiser board is slightly more comfortable to stand on without sacrificing mobility and tact.

Lastly, I think it’s amicable from the start. With slightly wider trucks and a longer wheelbase, it feels a little more stable and makes the wheel spin a little less busy.

4. Arbor Collective longboard brand

Arbor brand website

Do you know? Arbor has been developing highly durable and high-performance longboards.

Arbor Collective longboard brand

The Arbor brand of longboards closely follows Sector 9 in terms of popularity and image worldwide. Arbor has always focused on creating genuinely eco-friendly products and supports groups that restore forests and nature – the brand has its foundation.

However, the Arbor Collective brings together artists, designers, and others who contribute to the brand’s sustainable approach to creating attractive, durable, and environmentally friendly longboards. Arbor brand longboards are affordable, usually between $140 and $230.

  • 28.75″ x 8.1″ with 15″ wheelbase
  • One of the most popular city/campus mini cruisers
  • Tall appearance, broad nose and tail for its size
  • Big kicktail and small nose for street slashing
  • Super handy and portable, smooth ride, tricks, skatepark
  • 129mm Paris street trucks for quick turns and flips
  • Large, supple, wide 61mm Arbor Bogart wheels

My Favorite Arbor Beginner Longboard – Overview of Arbor Pilsner

This board has (almost) everything that I think makes a tiny cruiser board:

8.25 inches wide This wide skateboard has a ton of space! It makes it easier to balance and is very comfortable to stand on. Ideal if you are traveling from class to class or to the beer store.

Maximum length 29.75 inches. This board length allows most people to stand comfortably on the board, regardless of whether it is too short or too long.

The wheelbase is between 15 inches. I think cruisers have the perfect balance of handling and stability in this wheelbase. They do not feel overwhelmed, but they are still so agile that you can stop the crowds and cracks while skating.

What’s missing is a 150mm Paris reverse pivot truck and 70mm wheels. That would be great for me then, but I’m a little weird and run funny things, haha ​​…

That said, the board will perform beautifully and enjoy skating. Paris TKPs will be agile and feel great at the speed of these slow walks. They will also feel relatively stable and will not twist too much when you pick up speed.

It’s a good board, and I know any rider would love to have it on their feet.

5. Loaded longboard brand

Loaded brand website

Next on our list of brand popularity is the Loaded longboards, widely regarded as the most premium boards on the market. These boards are built using state-of-the-art technology and materials, resulting in lightweight, indestructible, high-performance riding machines.

Loaded Longbaord Brand

The Loaded brand is commonly associated with advanced shapes and features designed specifically for highly technical performance riding. Many longboarders, experienced or beginners, love owning a Loaded.

Loaded brand longboards sell for a premium price ($200-$500) compared to other major brands. Laden fans, however, feel they still get what they pay for. These top-of-the-range boards’ unique characteristics and construction allow them to push their limits and enjoy an unparalleled feeling of gliding.

The new Coyote has quickly become the most popular in Loaded’s line of longboards, although the brand is already full of bestsellers such as Omakase, Tan Tien, or Dervish Sama.

6. Globe Longboard brand

Globe brand website

The Globe is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and distributors of skateboards and longboards. The brand’s range of longboards and cruisers is impressive in terms of the number of boards and the variety and style.

Globe Brand

Like the other brands on this list, the Globe brand is associated with the board’s good quality, artistry, and durability. Unlike the Arbor, the Globe focuses exclusively on affordable cruisers in the $ 150- $ 200 range.

  • The Blazer is a much smaller mini-cruiser than the Landyachtz Dinghy – even in the “Big” and “XL” versions. Blazer Briefly:
  • 26 ″ x 7.5 ″ 13.75 ″ with a wheelbase
  • Big Blazer: 32 ″ x 9.1 ″ 17.5 ″ with a wheelbase
  • Blazer XL: 36.2 ″ x 9.75 ″ 21.5 ″ with a wheelbase
  • Responsible, efficient, clever
  • Soft concave, medium kick tail, durable stern deck
  • Price 130 to $ 150 (smaller version)
  • Soft and responsive 130mm tensor street truck that is strong for big moves.
  • Globe 62mm / 78A smooth wheels

7. Magneto longboard brand

Magneto brand website

Magneto is a young, state-of-the-art longboard brand based in Carlsbad, California, the center of the skateboarding culture. The Magneto brand name was acquired from a British company by a team of product engineers who successfully relaunched it in the United States.

Magneto longboard brand

The company owns the Magneto brand and has decades of experience in manufacturing products ranging from airplanes to golf clubs.

They focus on making technically advanced boards at very affordable prices.

Magneto branded longboards are sold at meager prices for good-quality products. Their cruisers are about $ 80, their crossings are between $ 110 and $ 120, and their bamboos are between $ 110 and $ 180.

The Magneto Bamboo Cruiser 42 is one of the brand’s most popular longboards:

  • 42 ″ x 9 ″ 34 ″ with the wheelbase
  • Symmetrical drop throw, short ride for easy pushing distance.
  • Spacious and comfortable but manageable
  • Bamboo + fiberglass construction makes it very strong and flexible.
  • Flex + cambered shape = spring feeling and energetic image
  • Short kicks for freestyle and dance moves
  • Standard truck and large soft, smooth 70 mm wheels
  • Great value for $ 130

8. Carver Skateboards brand

Carver brand website

According to our survey, the Carver Skateboards brand is even more popular in the longboard community than in Sector 9. Although Carver is not your traditional longboard brand, it is the most famous name in a surf ski. Carver Skateboards launched Surf Skate in 1996 and is the first brand to come to mind regarding surf skateboards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Santa Cruz Long Boards A Good Brand? 

Yes, Santa Cruz long boards are a very good brand. They make high-quality boards that are built to last and offer great performance. They have an extensive range of boards for all skill levels, so you can find one that is right for you.

What Is The Best Longboard With Good Flex?

The best longboard with good flex is the Loaded Tan Tien. This board has a flex pattern that gives great control and stability while still letting the rider feel connected to the road. It has a classic shape that allows for easy carving, pumping, and cruising and is built with durable components for a smooth ride.

Where Can I Find A Good Longboard Cheap? 

You can find a good longboard for a cheap price at many different retailers. Popular online stores like Amazon and eBay often have discounted longboards for sale, as well as local skate shops. You can also check Craigslist or other secondhand sites for used longboards at even lower prices.

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