Longboard for Transportation

Longboard for Transportation: Factors to Consider for a Longboard

Increasing numbers of people are using longboards for transportation to conserve the environment, stay healthy, and save money on gas.

Longboards have many uses beyond daily commuting to and from work or school. They can be used for everything from quick trips to the store to long-distance commutes across town.

Advantages of Longboarding for Transportation 

Using a longboard for transportation is a popular choice because of the exhilarating feeling of riding one. Longboarding is a lot of fun, and it’s easy to get hooked on it.

Advantages of Longboarding for Transportation 
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A fast mode of transportation, a longboard!

  • Walking and jogging are comparable in terms of speed, but this is clearly faster than walking. 
  • Riding a longboard in a congested area can often get you faster. Taking your longboard to class or the dentist’s at a brisk pace will help you arrive on time!
  • This is probably the biggest benefit of riding a longboard instead of a bike to get around. Longboarders don’t have to worry about riding in traffic because they can usually use sidewalks to get around. 
  • Another advantage of the best longboards over other modes of transportation, such as the bicycle. You can easily and quickly mount and dismount your longboard, as well as pick it up and carry it around with you wherever you go.

Some drawbacks of longboarding for transportation 

  1. Riding a longboard isn’t an option if the pavement is particularly rough or if there are numerous cracks and bumps in the road. The same is true if you have to push your longboard through busy highways. 
  2. There’s always the chance of falling and getting hurt when longboarding, whether from hitting a rock or getting hit by a car.
  3. A reasonably-packed backpack is the only thing you can carry on your longboard when you’re commuting. For example, if you were to ride your bike back home with a bunch of large grocery bags, it would be impractical. Longboards are great for getting around but not so great for hauling heavy loads.
  4. Finally, riding a longboard puts you at the mercy of the elements. Longboarding in wet or snowy conditions can be done, but it comes with additional risks. Your longboarding gear needs extra protection and maintenance. 

How to Choose a Good Longboard for Transportation

A longboard can be used for a variety of different purposes, as I mentioned earlier. There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to longboards for transportation. In the following section, I’ll share the most common transportation scenarios:

How to Choose a Good Longboard for Transportation
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1. Longboard for short runs to the store

Longboards for quick trips to the corner store are best when they’re small to medium in size, lightweight, and easy to push over short distances. They should also have big, supple wheels for comfort on uneven pavement.

The Arbor Zeppelin is an excellent choice for short-distance transportation because it is a responsive, stable drop-through mini-cruiser. 

2. Longboard for campus cruising

Using a longboard for campus transportation, such as commuting to and from a class building or library or to the dining hall, requires a light and agile board to navigate narrow campus alleyways and crowded sidewalks.

The Landyachtz Dinghy is a fantastic illustration of this type of campus transportation vehicle. It’s fast, nimble, extremely durable, easily kicked, and a joy to ride in small spaces. 

3. Longboard for city transportation

A responsive, fast-turning mini-cruiser that is easy to get on and off for foot traffic, and easy to jump on over cracks and bumps may be necessary if your goal is to quickly and easily navigate city streets

Again, you’re looking for something small enough to fit on narrow sidewalks while being pushable enough to travel a reasonable distance, such as in bike lanes.

 Landyachtz Dinghy or Arbor Pilsner may be a good option if commuting in a crowded city

4. Longboard for distance transportation

Longboards can be used for daily long-distance commuting to and from work or the train or bus station, even a few miles away. If you’re looking for a board that will allow you to get the most out of your push with the least amount of effort, you’ll need a board with a long wheelbase and a low ride height. 

Among the most popular double-drop boards for long-distance transportation and commuting is the Arbor Dropcruiser

5. Longboard vs skateboard for transportation

People considering getting a longboard or a skateboard as a mode of transportation frequently ask this question. A longboard (short or long) is preferable due to its larger wheels, which enable it to move more quickly and comfortably.

However, some people, such as college students, enjoy performing tricks and jumping on their snowboards while traveling. These skaters may benefit from a traditional street board with longboard wheels at least 65mm in diameter instead of 50-60mm street wheels. As a result, they will be able to swap out their wheels whenever they need to go from commuting to skateboarding.

6. Using a longboard for transportation as a heavier rider

Big and heavy riders should probably opt for a larger and lower longboard for ease of pushing and better shock absorption, as well as one with a stiffer deck and, ideally, a dropped platform and top mount trucks. 

One of the strongest boards on the market, the Landyachtz Switchblade, can handle heavier riders. Also, it’s a great longboard for commuting around town.

Can you use a longboard to commute?

Because longboarding is such a popular mode of transportation, it’s easy to see why it’s so popular: commuting on a longboard can simultaneously be both enjoyable and exhausting.

Is a longboard good for transport?

A fast mode of transportation: a longboard! Walking and jogging are comparable in speed, but this is clearly faster than walking. 


Using a longboard as a mode of transportation is an excellent idea that can enhance your quality of life while promoting physical fitness and reducing your environmental impact. Take your travel style into consideration when making your selection of a surfboard.

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