How Long Does it Take to Learn Kickflip?

How Long Does It Take To Learn Kickflip?

It varies from person to person and depends on how much practice you do. Some people can learn it in days, while others take months or years. 

Also, it helps if you are comfortable on your board and know the basics of skateboarding. Suppose you can do the skateboard trick, Ollie. Then it is not hard to learn as it is just Ollie’s extension. 

However, to master this skill, you need a lot of practice. It does look too hard for beginner skaters. But if you have been skateboarding for quite some time now. You can start learning this skill, which will be easy to master. 

Its unique flipping skill and riding position make it look hard. Some beginner skateboarders make the mistake of starting doing Kickflip even before they can properly control the board. It takes time and patience to flip your board properly. 

How to Learn the Kickflip?

Place the foot rightly

Try to place your foot rightly on the board. 

  • Place your front foot behind the front bolts of the board.
  •  If you are a beginner, it will help you place it a little lower. 
  • The back foot should be a little hanging from the board’s tail.
  • Keep your balance, and don’t lean forward. 


The next step is to pop an Ollie. If you’re trying Kickflip, you are already familiar with Ollie. But if you don’t, here is a rundown. 

  • Put all your weight on the back foot by bending your front knee. 
  • Your board’s front will lift from the ground.
  • Jump up and cause the board to pop off the ground by dragging the front foot. 
  • In Kickflip, Ollie is the simple step.
  • You have a lot of practice for this too.
  • You can watch skateboard videos on Ollie online. Watch slow-motion videos and practice timing. 

Flick the Board

Flicking the board is a tricky move, so make sure to understand it completely before trying it. Ensure to kick the foot as described and not kick the board so hard. Kicking so hard will make your board move far away from you. 

  • After Ollie, when you and the board are still in the air. 
  • Use the front foot and drag the nose of the board diagonally up. 
  • Now kick your front leg out while flicking the edge of the deck with your toe. 
  • You will get a spin.
  • Ensure to flip the board up, not down, while Kicking. 

Catch the board and land

Landing and catching can be tricky too. So keep your eye on the board to figure out the full rotation. Also, keep your balance by leveling your shoulders. 

  • When the board completes the full rotation, catch with the back foot. 
  • The front foot should follow the back foot when it catches the board.
  • Now bring it back to the ground. 
  • When it hits the ground, bend your knees.
  • It will help absorb the shock. 

It will also help in controlling the skateboard.

You can also kickflip while moving. Just keep moving forward while doing kickflips. 

Practice is essential not only for this trick but also for learning skateboarding.

Do not get frustrated, and keep practicing to master the skill completely. It will not take one or two days but several weeks, even months. So try to practice as much as possible. 

Common Mistakes While Kickflip

  • Not Lifting Your Back Foot High Enough: It is important to lift your back foot high enough when attempting a kickflip in order to give the board enough momentum to flip. If you don’t get it high enough, the board will not have enough speed and rotation to complete the trick.
  • Not Popping Hard Enough: You need to pop the board with enough force in order for it to flip over properly. If you don’t give it enough power, then it won’t be able to make it all the way around.
  • Not Keeping Your Weight Balanced: When you are performing a kickflip, it is important that your weight is evenly distributed between your front and back feet so that your body does not tilt during the flip and throw off your balance.
  • Not Practicing on Flat Ground First: Before attempting a kickflip on a longboard, make sure that you practice first on flat ground in order to get used to how much force needs to be applied for the trick before trying it on an incline or slope.
kickflip on a longboard
Source: The Longboard Store

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kickflip Easier Than Ollie?

The answer to this question depends on the individual’s skateboarding skill level. Generally speaking, kickflip is a more advanced trick than an ollie and is usually harder to learn. However, someone with more experience or who has already mastered the basics of skateboarding may find it easier than an ollie.

An ollie is a basic trick in skateboarding that consists of popping the tail off the ground and then quickly jumping off the board while at the same time using your back foot to kick off the nose of the board. This motion causes the board to lift into the air and rotate around its middle axis. It requires good balance and coordination to master.

On the other hand, a kickflip is a more complex trick that requires much more skill than an ollie. It consists of two separate motions: first you must perform an ollie and then you must use your toes or heel to flip the board over itself mid-air before landing back on your feet. This requires timing and practice to perfect as it involves flipping your board and controlling its movements in mid-air along with getting your body into position for landing correctly when it comes down.

In conclusion, while some skaters may find kickflip easier than ollie due to their level of experience or mastery of basic skills, generally speaking, kickflip is considered a more advanced trick which can be difficult for beginners or those with less experience in skateboarding.

Is A Kickflip Or Heelflip Easier?

A kickflip is generally considered easier than a heelflip. A kickflip involves using your front foot to flick the board up and over, while a heelflip requires you to use your back heel to flip the board up and over.

The main difficulty of a heelflip is keeping your back foot on the board during the trick. This requires good balance and coordination, as well as practice in order to get it right. It can take some time before you can comfortably perform this trick, whereas with a kickflip, you will be able to do it more quickly.

In addition, when performing either trick, timing is key; if you don’t pop at the right time or put enough power into it then you won’t be able to complete the trick properly. With the kickflip though, timing isn’t as important since its motion is less complicated than that of the heelflip.

Overall, for most skateboarders who are just starting out or want an easier way to land tricks without having to spend too much time practicing them, kickflips are usually considered easier than heelflips.

How Do You Learn To Do A Kickflip?

Learning to do a kickflip is a great way to impress your friends and have fun on your skateboard. It takes time to learn and practice, but with patience and dedication you can master the kickflip in no time!

Step 1: Practice Doing an Ollie
The first step in learning how to do a kickflip is to practice doing an ollie. An ollie is when you use your back foot to “pop” off the ground while simultaneously pushing down on the tail of your board with your front foot. This motion causes the board to rise up into the air with you.

Make sure you focus on getting a good pop off of your back foot and practice until it feels natural.

Step 2: Master Your Timing
The key to successfully performing a kickflip is mastering the timing of when you need to jump off the board and when you should flick your front foot for spin. To get this timing down, try practicing by jumping off the board without actually kicking it so that you can get used to being airborne at just the right moment before flicking.

Step 3: Practice Flicking Your Front Foot
Once you’ve mastered jumping off at just the right time, it’s time to focus on flicking your front foot correctly. When flicking, make sure that you use only your toes and not your whole foot as this will give more control over how much spin you put on the board.

Try experimenting with different levels of force when flicking so that you can figure out what works best for you and how much spin produces desirable results.

Step 4: Put It All Together
Now that you’ve got all of the individual steps down, it’s time to put them all together! Start by practicing ollies while aiming for gradual improvements in height each time (this will come in handy later).

Once ollies feel comfortable, start adding in some light kicks or flicks during each one before eventually progressing onto full-blown kickflips! Keep practicing until they become second nature!

Is Kickflip a basic trick?

Yes, Kickflip is a basic trick in skateboarding. It is one of the first tricks that many skateboarders learn and can be used as a foundation for more advanced tricks.

What should I learn before Kickflip?

Before attempting a Kickflip, it is important to understand the basics of skateboarding. This includes knowing how to properly balance on a board, developing basic tricks such as pushing and turning, learning the fundamentals of ollies and other tricks, and having an understanding of body positioning for jumps.

It is also beneficial to have knowledge about safety equipment such as helmets and pads, as well as practice in a safe environment with plenty of space.

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