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Longboard Volume Calculator (Surfboard)

Are you looking for a precise longboard volume calculator. Here is an easy to use calculator that considers all important factors and offers the results in no time.

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How to use the Longboard Volume Calculator?

  1. Input your weight in kilograms in the “Weight (kg)” field. You can either type the value manually or use the up and down arrows to increase or decrease the value.
  2. Choose your skill level from the “Skill Level” dropdown menu. The available options are:
    • Advance +
    • Advance
    • Intermediate / Advance
    • Intermediate
    • Beginner
  3. Input your age in the “Age” field. You can either type the value manually or use the up and down arrows to increase or decrease the value.
  4. Choose your fitness level from the “Fitness Level” dropdown menu. The available options are:
    • Excellent
    • Good
    • Average
    • Poor
  5. Choose your preferred longboard style from the “Longboard Style” dropdown menu. The available options are:
  6. Click the “Calculate Volume” button to get the result.
  7. The result will be displayed below the “Calculate Volume” button in the “Ideal Volume” and “Volume Range” format. The ideal volume is the calculated value that is best suited for your preferences, while the volume range provides a range of values that can still be suitable for your needs.

Note: If you want to calculate the volume again with different input values, simply change the input values and click the “Calculate Volume” button again. The new result will be displayed automatically.

What is longboard volume?

Longboard volume is a measurement used to describe the buoyancy of a longboard surfboard. It is typically expressed in liters and is a critical factor when it comes to paddling and gliding on the water. Volume is determined by the length, width, and thickness of the surfboard.

A longboard surfboard

Why we need to calculate longboard volume?

Longboards are high volume surfboards with a different style and impact on surfing compared to shortboards.

Volume is the amount of area, measured in liters, contained in a surfboard. It is calculated by considering the surfboard’s length, width, thickness, and foil.

The volume of a longboard helps determine its suitability for a particular rider, and it is an essential factor to consider when choosing a surfboard.

The code for this calculator was written by Usman Yahya from SumSQ. You can use this calculator for free.

Low Volume vs. High Volume Longboards

  • Low Volume longboards: These longboards have lower volume than the ideal range for a surfer, making them more sensitive to the rider’s movements. They require advanced surfers to master and generate more speed. Low volume surfboards offer a highly sensitive rail and more control in powerful waves, but they can be harder to paddle and unstable.
  • High Volume longboards: These longboards have a higher volume than the ideal range for a surfer, providing more relaxed performance and easier surfing. They generate more speed with minimal effort and are more stable. High volume surfboards can cater to all surfing levels and still provide more performance than most surfers need.

Ideal Volume for Longboards

The ideal volume for longboards varies depending on the rider’s weight, surfing level, age, fitness, and preferred surfing style. Longboards generally have more volume than shortboards, allowing for different surfing styles ranging from cruising to performance surfing off the tail.

Epoxy and expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam-based longboards have more buoyancy, so the ideal volume in liters should be reduced by around two or three liters compared to traditional longboards.

Here are the suggested volume ranges for different longboard styles:

  1. Performance Longboard Volume Range: 52.77 to 64.49 liters (Starting Volume 58.63 liters)
  2. Balanced Longboard Volume Range: 60.88 to 74.41 liters (Starting Volume 67.65 liters)
  3. Cruising / Traditional Longboard Volume Range: 69.00 to 84.33 liters (Starting volume 76.67 liters)

Longboard Volume Chart

Weight (Kg)Weight (lbs)Advance +AdvanceInter. / AdvIntermediateBeginner
>35>77.1625.0525.7526.80 31.00 35.90 
4088.1826.4027.2038.80 33.60 39.20 
4599.2128.0028.9030.70 36.10 42.40 
50110.2329.0030.5032.50 38.50 45.50 
55121.2529.8031.4533.65 40.25 47.95 
60132.2831.0032.8035.20 42.40 50.80 
65143.3032.7534.7037.30 45.10 54.20 
70154.3234.5036.6039.40 47.80 57.60 
75165.3536.2538.50 31.50 50.50 61.00 
80176.3738.0040.4033.60 53.20 64.40 
85187.3939.7542.30 45.70 55.90 67.80 
90198.4241.5044.2047.80 58.60 71.20 
95209.4443.2546.10 49.90 61.30 74.60 
100220.4645.0048.00 52.00 64.00 78.00 
105231.4946.7549.90 54.10 66.70 81.40 
110242.5148.5051.80 56.20 69.40 84.80 
Longboard volume chart by weight and skill level

How To Calculate The Ideal Longboard Volume?

Follow these steps to calculate your ideal longboard volume:

1) Identify your surfing level based on your ability and experience.
2) Use the Ideal Volume table to match your skill level with your weight.
3) Multiply your ideal volume figure by the appropriate age factor.
4) Multiply your ideal volume figure by the appropriate fitness factor.
5) Multiply your ideal volume figure by the style factor based on the type of longboard you prefer.
6) Personalize your ideal longboard volume by considering your body size, surfing ability, and personal preferences.

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