Cruiser vs longboard

Cruiser VS Longboards: What is the Best One?

Are you stuck between a cruiser and a longboard? Do you want to learn the basic differences and which one is best for you?

This guide will help you learn the differences between a cruising board and a long board and what the advantages and disadvantages of each are.

Cruiser board vs longboard which is the best?

Here are all the factors that affect the performance of the boards overall and on which you can consider which board is best.

Deck Size 

The longboard deck size range is from 32 to 59 inches while the cruise board is small in size and its range is from 22 to 30 inches. This difference in their sizes makes them different on so many levels. 


A longboard is much more stable than a cruise board because it is large, it’s the deck is much wider, wheels are also large and trucks are wider.

These aspects make it a good choice for foot replacement on the board and when it’s rolling over cracks and holes on the road it makes them more shock resistant. 

Longboards also have a degree of flex. It is about the deck of the longboard and how much it can bend. Your legs cruise more comfortably because of flex. While the Cruise board’s flex is zero to none and it will also be dangerous to perform flex on these boards as they are small in size. 


The turning radius is also the main aspect. Longboards have more turning radius as compared to cruise boards because of their wide truck and deck size. 

Portability & Size

A longboard is much heavier than a cruiser board because it is bigger, so that’s why it is much easier to carry a cruiser board than a longboard. 

Longboard size ranges above 4.5 kg, while cruiser board weight is around 2.5 kg. While, the cruiser board is perfect if you only want to commute, If you want to go camping, skating from point to point on a cruiser board will be a good choice. You do not want to bring a larger and heavier longboard camping.

You can also opt for a mini longboard if you want a smaller longboard.

Tricks you can do

What trick you can do on a board totally depends on the board structure.

The longboard deck and truck are much wider, which let you do tricks like moving up and down the board and doing Peter Pan or cross-step tricks. On the other hand, tricks are not suitable for cruiser boards; they are just best for going around a short distance. The cruiser deck size is much smaller, which is the reason you can’t do tricks on it. 

Pros and cons of a Cruise board


  • Cruise skateboards are great for beginners because they are lightweight, easy to maneuver, and have a low center of gravity.
  • They tend to be more affordable than other types of skateboards.
  • They are usually wider and longer than regular skateboards, which makes them more stable and easier to balance on.
  • The larger wheelbase also allows for smoother rides over rough terrain.
  • They have a wide variety of styles, shapes, and sizes available so you can find the perfect board for your needs.


  • Cruise skateboards are not as versatile as some other types of boards; they’re not ideal for performing stunts or tricks.
  • They tend to be heavier than other types of skateboards, which can make them harder to maneuver.
  • The large wheelbase can also make it difficult to turn quickly or do sharp turns.

Pros and cons of a Longboard


  • Longboards are more stable and easier to balance than a regular skateboard.
  • Longboards are easier to turn, allowing for more precise maneuvering.
  • Longboards are better for cruising around town, as they can go faster and farther than regular skateboards.
  • Longboards offer a smoother ride as they have larger wheels and softer bushings.


  • Longboards are heavier and bulkier, making them less portable than regular skateboards.
  • Longboards require more skill and experience to ride properly.
  • Longboards can be expensive compared to regular skateboards.

Cruise board or longboard which is best for beginners?

A longboard is much easier to ride and best for beginners. With its larger deck and truck, they are more stable and comfortable to ride not only for pro riders but for beginner riders as well. 

The large and soft wheels help it to maintain its balance and speed while going through cracks and holes on roads. 

The cruiser boards have smaller decks and trucks which are not suitable for beginners because you cannot fit your feet on their deck properly which causes problems in stability and balancing. 

However, the wheels are small too which are not suitable for riding on a road with cracks. 

So it’s clear that longboards are best for beginners and long distances while cruise boards are only for short distances and are a little bit hard to control.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Is Better: A Longboard Or Cruiser?

A longboard is much better than a cruiser. We can not say which is better based on the size only, many factors collectively affect the riding of a board. It is easier to ride a longboard because of its stability and comfort. As they have a large deck and a large truck so it is easy to balance on these boards. 

While the cruiser is small in size and with little deck and truck that’s why it is not that stable and comfortable to ride.

Is It Easier To Ride A Cruiser Or Longboard?

Longboards and cruisers both are easy to ride but because of their size differences longboards are more stable and easy to control. It is also perfect for pros as well as for beginners and you can cover long distances on them. While cruisers are not for long distances but short distances. 

Is Cruiser Board The Same As Longboard?

A cruiser board is lightweight and small in size, so you can ride it in tiny places and on narrow city roads. While longboards are bigger, that’s why they need more space to ride and turn, but they are also more stable and comfortable to ride. 

Longboards are also very stable at high speeds, making them ideal for long distance travel and downhill riding. 

Are Cruiser Board Good For Beginners?

Cruiser boards are generally best suited for experienced skateboarders, as they tend to be smaller and less stable than other types of skateboards. Beginners should look for a larger board with softer wheels that can provide more stability while learning the basics.


Longboard or cruiser both can be used for the same purposes but they are different in their functions. They are different from who and where you can use them. 

Both are easier to ride and a great choice for beginners but longboards provide more stability because of their deck sizes. You can always choose boards according to many factors like where you are going to ride it? for which purpose you are buying a board? 

For example, if you want a board to carry around a cruiser is perfect for you or if you are looking to go distance places on a board then longboards are perfect for distance riding.  

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