How to make your longboard faster?

How to Make Longboard Faster (5 Quick Tips and Ways)

We longboarders are continuously seeking methods to make our boards faster. Many believe we are being slowed down as we cruise, carve, freestyle, dance, and race downhill.

Most people do not know how to make a longboard faster. However, if you are also that one, you can loosen your axle nut to make your longboard faster. So, this is the most important trick you can perform instantly. For more tricks, check out the simple ways below!

Common actions you can take to speed up your longboard

Here are some of the most common ways to increase your board’s speed, ranging from easy and inexpensive to more involved.

1. Loosen your axle nut to make your longboard faster

Excessively tight axle nuts will prevent your wheels from rotating freely. That could explain why your longboard is moving so slowly.

Your wheels should normally spin again if you loosen the nuts slightly. Allow for some side-to-side movement by loosening the bolts just enough. However, don’t overtighten them, or they’ll come off the axle.

If your wheels are spinning properly, but you are having trouble accelerating your longboard due to speed wobbles, try tightening your trucks.

This should allow them to turn less and delay the swaying until the board attains higher speeds. If loosening the trucks does not help you accelerate your longboard, proceed to the next step.

2. Clean up your longboard bearings for better rolling speed

If your wheels continue to spin slowly after removing the axle nuts, you may need to clean and lubricate the bearings.

When riding a longboard over wet sidewalks, mud, leaves, and other debris, dirt quickly accumulates in the bearings, causing friction and a gradual decrease in speed.

Cleaning your bearings is a simple process once you’ve learned how to do it, but it requires to practice the first time.

3. Upgrade your bearings to speed up your board

Suppose your longboard still seems sluggish after cleaning and lubricating the bearings. In that case, you may want to consider investing in better bearings, especially if you’re still utilizing low-quality ones that often come with a longboard.

There’s no way to tell how quickly your longboard will roll if you’re just spinning the wheels without any weight on them. 

As a result, this test is useless for figuring out whether or not your bearings need to be replaced. If you hear squeaking while riding, you should either replace your worn-out bearings or get them cleaned and lubricated (see the preceding section).

There is a lot of disagreement about which bearings are the best, but here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Curvature, plastic cage, and detachable rubber seals are the three most critical features of a bearing.
  2. When it comes to longboarding, ABEC ratings have no bearing on the quality of the wheels.
  3. Only a small number of high-quality bearing manufacturers may be found throughout the world.
  4. Germany, Switzerland, Thailand, and China are among the countries that produce bearings.
  5. A superior standard of quality can be expected from bearings manufactured in Switzerland and Germany.
  6. Spacers are commonly included in high-quality bearings.

There are several bearings on the market, but Reds, Zealous, Spaceballs, and Tektons are some of the best for longboarding.

 Longboarders have historically favoured Reds and Zealous in particular. Depending on your financial situation, you could want to pick up:

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  • Zealous bearings with built-in spacers: low-cost, high-quality bearings pre-lubricated with nano grease.
  • If you already have spacers, Amazon has a collection of Bones Reds with separate spacers or just the bearing.
  • Obtain authentic Bones Reds from a reputable skate shop or Amazon, and not a knockoff.

4. Get different wheels to make your longboard faster

We previously discussed how to increase the speed of your longboard by replacing the bearings. In moreover to bearings, the wheels of your longboard can have a significant effect on its speed. You may have a hard time deciding on the best wheels for your board.

5. Improve your riding

The last thing I’d like to touch on when it comes to helping your longboard go quicker is you, the rider. Having your longboard tuned and updated is only the first step in improving your longboarding skills.

  • Even if your longboard is completely capable, the fear that you won’t be able to stop at high speeds can be a significant psychological barrier that prevents you from going faster. Progress requires confidence in one’s ability to slow down.
  • This quick survival tip will teach you how to slow down or stop on a longboard. Another confidence builder that will help you cope with your fear of riding your longboard faster is protective equipment.
  • Invest in a nice pair of gloves with pucks, a helmet, elbow and knee protection, and a pair of good gloves if you plan on sliding.
  • Learn how to get into a good tuck position on your longboard, even if you’re not planning on going as fast as possible down steep hills on your longboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do longer longboards go faster?

Longboards can go much faster than other boards, like penny boards, that have smaller decks. For this reason, larger wheels on longer longboards allow them to accelerate and maintain speed.

Can you gain speed by carving on a longboard?

Carving can assist longboarders in maintaining (or even gain) speed on flat ground and when riding uphill.

 Fast, sharp bends activate centripetal force, which boosts forward motion and acceleration. “Pumping” is another term for this type of carving.

Can you kick the longboard?

It is possible to perform a kick turn on a longboard. This is a trick that requires more experience and practice to master. In addition, you need to be confident with your board and have made all the necessary modifications and tweaks to get it to operate the way you want.


In the end, speeding up your longboard is as simple as replacing a few parts, mostly your wheels and bearings. Cleaning and lubricating your longboard’s bearings on a regular basis will help keep it functioning smoothly. It’s possible that moving things around will influence the remainder of your setup. Wheel choice is very important; you may need to adjust your trucks or add risers.

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