Longboard or penny board

Is a Longboard or Penny Board Easier to Ride?

One of the most frequently asked questions is: Is a longboard or penny board easier to ride?

In general, a longboard is easier to ride than a penny board. Longboards are larger, making them more stable and easier to balance.

The wider shape of a longboard also makes it easier to make turns and stop smoothly. Additionally, longboards usually have softer wheels, which offer better grip and traction on different surfaces.

Penny boards, on the other hand, are smaller and more compact than longboards. While this makes them lighter and easier to carry around with you, it can also make them harder to ride due to their size and lack of stability.

The small size of penny boards can also make it difficult to make sharp turns or stop smoothly. Additionally, the harder wheels that come with penny boards often provide less grip on certain surfaces, making it harder for riders to stay balanced.

Longboards Vs Penny Boards: Which Are Better

Longboards are much more comfortable to ride than penny boards and they are good for long distances.  Their deck size and wheel sizes differ a lot. Longboards had a bigger standing area than penny boards and bigger wheel size too.

But when it comes to storing or which is more portable?

A longboard is less portable as it has a big size while a penny board is easy to port because of its small size.

Better wheels on a longboard than a penny board

The size of wheels on the longboard is bigger than the penny wheels which makes it easier to Cruise on a longboard as it can ride through rocks and bumps on the road. 

 While the penny board can get stuck and hang on bumpy tracks because it has small wheels.

The Penny board requires more attention than the longboards to avoid rocks and bumps on the road.

Easy to control your speed on a longboard

It is easier to control the speed on a longboard than on a penny board. Penny boards are mostly with low-quality urethane and they do not slide well. 

Their narrow shape also makes them difficult to handle and control while going on a hill. 

Longboards have good quality urethane which helps them slide well and with good wheel grips and size it is easy to control them.  

Trucks of longboard make turning easier

Trucks play an important role in turning boards. If the truck is wider on a longboard it will help to create stability. 

Trucks of the longboard are wider than a penny board and also reverse kingpin design makes the longboard turn easier than a penny board.

Penny boards are super narrow which matches the already narrowed width of boards and it makes them more sketchy and unstable to learn on. 

Longboard VS skateboards Vs Penny boards which are best?

Longboard VS Skateboards Vs Penny Boards

Here we are going to know about the difference between longboards vs skateboards vs penny boards. 


  • Skateboard is the most popular and common board.
  • Skateboards are rectangular, with 7.5 to 8 widths, and both of their ends are rounded. 
  • They are mainly used on U-ramps or in skate parks
  • They are also desirable for park and short urban rides 
  • Skateboards are at the top when it comes to versatility 
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  • Longboards are in the second number for their popularity.
  • They are different because of their length which is 1-meter length.
  • Also, the longboards are available in many shapes depending on their purpose ( downhill, uphill, and road riding)
  • Longboards had wider trucks unlike skateboards and had bigger wheels. 
  • They were designed for riding on the road, sort of similar to surfing. As your movements are similar to the movements when you are surfing. 
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Penny boards

  • Penny boards are increasing in popularity especially since the younger generation likes them 
  • These are half a meter short boards and made up of plastic and with very little to no grip.
  • Their shape is similar to longboards as their front has a rounded tip
  • It is good for skating across the city
  • Their small size and appearance make them easy to carry around.
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Main Differences in Longboard and cruiser board

Longboards are bigger than cruiser boards, but bigger is not always better. Other than size, there are numerous factors to consider when selecting a board

Here we will discuss which one is better;

Differences in longboard and cruiser board

Deck size

Longboards are between 32 to 59 inches while the cruiser is 22 to 30 inches. So in size, longboards are much longer than cruiser boards.


Instability, longboards are much more stable than cruisers as they have long decks with strong wheels. These features provide room for stability and give it higher shock absorption when going over breaks and holes.

Longboards also have wider trucks which are why their turning radius is large while the cruiser has a small truck size so its turning radius is also smaller.


The cruiser has much more portability than the longboards. While the longboards weigh around 2.5 kg and the cruisers weigh around 4.5kg.  So it’s easier to carry a cruise board around than longboards.

Tricks to do

Tricks to do

The shape of the truck of a board determines which tricks you can do on it. Longboards are with wider decks that allow you to perform tricks from Tiger Claw or 180 no Comply. 

With the wider deck, it’s perfect for dancing, moving up and down the deck to perform tricks like Peter Pan or Cross step. 

The cruiser board gives you a little deck space, but you can still perform the trick it allows you to. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Better For A Beginner: Penny Boards And Skateboards?

Skateboards are more stable because of their style and large size. So it’s more suitable for beginners as it provides stability and a comfortable ride. While the Penny boards are small in size so they don’t have that much stability in them. 

Which Is Better: A Penny Board Or A Longboard?

Longboards Are Easier To Ride As They Are Beginner-Friendly And You Can Cover Long Distances With Them. Penny Boards Are Easier To Ride But Used For Short Distances And They Are Not Beginner-Friendly. They Are Built According To Cheap Prices. 

Is It Easier To Ride A Longboard Or A Skateboard?

Longboards are easier to ride than skateboards. They have longer, wider, and softer wheels which help in balancing.  Skateboards are difficult to ride as they have small sizes and hard wheels. They both are quite different from each other but also have some common aspects. 

Are Longboards The Easiest To Ride?

If you are a beginner it is a more common question to ask and the answer is yes they are easiest to ride as they are available in different types. With a variety of types and with wide decks and boards they are easy to control and ride.


Both longboards and penny boards have their pros and cons. You can select according to your preferences and needs. If you are a beginner, then a longboard is a great choice, but penny boards are best for portability.

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