Who makes the best longboard

Who Makes the Best Longboards? 

There are a lot of brands that make the best longboards. These brands are mostly present in European countries. They have opened stores and websites to make the best longboards more accessible. These brands offer a long-term warranty too. 

You can have the best-built longboards. Many brands make the best longboards. These brands are Sector 9, Arbor, Landyachtz, Globe, Dusters, Santa Cruz, Prism, DB Longboards, etc. The brands mentioned above are the top brands. 

These brands are classified into three categories so that each type of customer can choose the best longboards from the above brands. The low-tier brands mean the longboards are worth below $100. The mid-tier brands range in price from $100 to $200. High-tier brands mean the longboards are worth above $200. 

1. Magneto longboards 

This brand makes the best longboards of the low-tier brands. Low-tier means if you have a budget of up to $100, you can buy a longboard from this website. This company was based in California.  It was established just a few years ago. If you browse Amazon, you will easily find this site.

This longboard is suggested if you are a beginner and are not sure whether you will enjoy longboarding or not. You can consider it for the beginner level because it is inexpensive and budget-friendly. 

You need not worry about it when you are thinking of purchasing the best longboard. This website offers you a 30-day return policy, which opens many doors for customers.  

2. Sector 9 Longboards

This website was also based in California. They started making longboards in 1993. According to customer feedback, you must have it for your beginner level. People always give positive reviews when they use it. 

This site makes one of the best longboards; you can freely visit this site. This website has longboards that range from $100 to $200. It is a very reasonable price because the quality of the longboards is great. 

Sometimes, manufacturer defects appear in some longboards. That is why this site also offers you a 120-day warranty which is enough period to learn about the defects.  You may also need to know the longboards costs.

3. Arbor longboards 

This website originated in Venice, California. This was introduced back in 1997. It offers mid-tier brands that range from $100 to $200. In the beginning, they used to make snowboards. Then they expanded their business to longboards.  

Arbor is very keen on the sustainability of the products. The longboards they make are of high quality and are among the best. One of the best things about it is that they offer a 2-year warranty for their customers. In such a way, the customers stay loyal to the website 

4. Globe longboards 

Globe opened its first shop back in 1980. Their priority was skate shoes. But when they noticed their emerging growth in business, they started to expand their business. They started focusing on the making of skateboards, longboards, and snowboards.  

Who makes the best longboard

This also sells mid-tier brands. The product has a price of $100-$200. This site offers a 90- day warranty. It is a very good period to build up the trust of the customers. The quality of longboards is worth it because this site makes the longboards of the best quality. 

5. Loaded longboards 

This website originated back in 2000 in California. It is a very well-known site when it comes to longboards. You can get the best quality longboards from this website. They use premium materials for their products. That is why this website does not introduce cheap products at all.

This website offers high-tier brands. The price can exceed $200 easily. One of the best things is that they offer a lifetime warranty to the original owner of the longboard. It means if you are buying a longboard that does not meet your expectations, the company will make it up to the mark according to your needs and expectations. 

6. Bustin Longboards 

Bustin boards opened its first shop back in 2001 in New York. They make a high-quality push and electronic longboards. The unique thing about them is that all the products are made by hand.

Their shops make longboards of the best quality. According to their quality, they offer you a  warranty of 90-180 days. It is a very good period to see if the longboard is up to your expectations or not. Therefore if you can want to buy a Bustin longboard, you can check out the below-recommended product!

7. Pantheon longboards 

This website was based in Indian Wells, Colorado. Pantheon started it back in 2014. The founder of this company, Jeff Vyain, has been a skateboarder since he was 12. His passion for boarding led him to this field.  

As he got old, he moved towards long skateboarding. This helped him even to hold a world record for the skateboard marathon. He also introduced one of the best longboards to his site, with prices above $200. You can get one of the best longboards from this site as they have one of the best-built longboards.  

8. Zenit longboards 

Zenit longboards were started around 2012. It was based in Montreal. Everything they make is handmade, which gives them control of the whole process. Zenit uses epoxy resin to layer its longboards. This is the same material that is used in making surfboards and snowboards. They make the best longboards in town.  

This website offers high-tier brands. The boards may cost more than $200. This price is well worth the buck. If you want a longboard, you can get one of the best ones from this site. They also offer a 12-month warranty, which is enough time to gain the trust of the customer. If you discover a manufacturing flaw during this time, the company will fix it. 

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