Best Cheap Longboard

Best Cheap Longboards (Under $100 For Beginners)

Longboarding is an exciting and fun way to get around town. But not everyone can afford the expensive boards that are available.

Luckily, there are some great cheap longboards out there that offer a lot of value for your money.

My Criteria for selection: I research the top rated products. Read all positive and negative reviews. I also interact with those having the product. Finally, indicated by my tests and drawing from my experience, I rate the products.

In this guide, we’ll look at some of the best cheap longboards available on the market today.

We’ll examine their features, pros, and cons, as well as how they compare to more expensive models.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider looking for a budget-friendly board, this guide will help you find the perfect board for you.

8 Best Cheap Longboards

1) VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard


  • 8-ply maple drop-through deck
  • Range of 45 to 50 degrees
  • 78 A polyurethane wheels
  • ABEC 9 precise bearings
  • Weight limit of 220 pounds

If you want to find the best longboard that is also cheap, you must consider this longboard. You can ride it downhill and wherever you want. This longboard carries a lot of features and characteristics in itself, which make it more exciting and fascinating even for beginners. 

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Drop-through deck: This longboard has a drop-through deck. This deck helps you in having smooth and a lot of flexible rides. It is made up of 8-ply maple wood and epoxy solution. This creates the organic maple hard.  
  • Maple products: The deck creates a lot of maple products. These products are better for the ecosystem and also for the fun and excitement of the ride.
  • Adjustable kingpin trucks: These trucks are made up of aluminum and can be adjusted according to your help at the degrees of 45 to 50. These trucks are perfect for tight maneuvering.  
  • Long-term: The trucks are designed in such a way that they give a long-term performance.  That is why you do not have to worry even if you are at the beginner level because this longboard carries strong properties. 
  • Polyurethane wheels: The wheels are made up of polyurethane which is a very strong material. These wheels are known as 78 A polyurethane wheels and are used to operate at a high level. 
  • Precise bearings: The wheels have ABEC-9 precision bearings. These bearings contribute to a smooth and worry-free ride. You can enjoy the ride without worrying, even if you are at the beginner level.  
  • Recognized design: The design of this longboard is specifically designed by internationally recognized designers. Some of the designs are old and some of them are aesthetic and refreshing for the world of skaters. 
  • Weight limit: I like this longboard because of a lot of features. One of the best qualities about it is that it can carry a weight of up to 220 pounds. You do not have to worry if you are having a  massive weight. This longboard can carry the weight of heavy adults too.  
  • The lightness of the board: The board itself is so light in weight that you can carry it anywhere you want. You do not have to worry about the carrying problem because it is portable. 


  • The eight layers of wood and epoxy solution create organic hard rock maple. 
  • The aluminum reverse kingpins can be adjusted according to your requirement for better performance and movement.  
  • Being very long in size, it is a lightweight board that can be taken anywhere for the ride. 


• When I used it, I felt that the trucks require tightening after some time. This procedure consumes a lot of time.  

2) Splendor 42” Drop-Through Deck Longboard


  • Speed of 20 miles per hour
  • Deck of 9 inches
  • 70mm Polyurethane wheels
  • Low-deck height
  • ABEC 11 steel bearings

This longboard provides both features. It has a broader carving sample with drop-through features. So, if you want to enjoy both of the features, you can have this longboard. This is an amazing all-around longboard due to its low deck height for easy pushing.

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Downhill riding: This is a brilliant and excellent longboard for cruising and downhill riding. You can easily take it downhill. First, let us get this fact out straight: it is always difficult to take your longboard down the hills. You face a lot of sliding problems there. But still, you can take this longboard downhill for a fun ride. 
  • Easy to push: Having the quality of easy to push makes this longboard even more worthy.  This longboard is easy to push which saves a lot of time and you do not have to work hard. 
  • Long-distance riding: Because it is easy to push, it is suitable for long-distance riding. The reason for this is that it does not require a lot of effort to push it in the desired direction. That is why it is more exciting and fun. 
  • Unique deck: The particular deck is attached to this longboard. This deck has a size of 9  inches. You can use this deck for a smooth and peaceful ride and for blasting around the corners. 
  • Polyurethane wheels: The wheels are size 70 mm which gives you the luxury and a  super smooth and exciting ride. These wheels make your longboard even more worth it because of their toughness and flexibility. 
  • Steel bearings: The bearings are ABEC 11 steel bearings. These are made using metal bolts. You must clean them after they get dirty. Otherwise, these will affect your ride.  
  • Aesthetic colors: The longboard is made up of aesthetic and unique colors which make your longboard even more eye-catching. The unique colors of the longboard make it more attractive to customers.
  • Unique patterns: Besides the unique colors, this longboard has unique patterns. These patterns even include outer space designs. These designs catch more customers.  


  • It has an expensive deck that measures 9 inches and is used for easy pushing. 
  • Having 70 mm big wheels makes it more reliable because they are made up of high rebound polyurethane. 
  • High-quality trucks, bearings, and metal bolts are attached to it which increases the quality of this longboard. 
  • This longboard has a complementary color scheme that matches the overall design.


• It may irritate some beginners because it has a high level of tilting.

3) FISH 41” Down-hill Longboard Cruiser  


• Low-deck height 

• Speed of 20 miles per hour 

• Deck of 9 inches 

• 70mm Polyurethane wheels 

• ABEC 11 steel bearings 

If you are a fan or lover of fast speed, this longboard is the best cheap longboard under $100 that can fulfill your demands and wishes for high-speed skating. This longboard has a specific design and is built in such a way that you get extra pushing and force from your longboard. This unusual design makes your longboard even more worth it.

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Outstanding speed: This longboard has a very unusual design. This design makes you achieve fast speed. It will be really fun for you to buy it if you are a fan of fast speed. 
  • Extra balance: You automatically achieve the extra balance because of the unique shape and more pushing. This balance is achieved without the risk of wheel bite. This can make your ride a lot more comfortable and versatile to use. 
  • Excellent for beginners: If you want to learn how to ride a longboard and you are a  beginner, you can easily avail yourself of it because it is an excellent longboard for beginners. Kept in mind that its price rate is less than $100. 
  • Lightweight: It is very light, which makes it portable. You will appreciate its carrying ability. You can carry it anywhere else you want. It can also be used by professionals. In the beginning, you find it difficult to get used to it. But believe me, this is not the case. It only took 10  minutes to get used to the fun ride. 
  • Aluminum trucks: A lot of people like it because of its 7-inch Destructo aluminum trucks. These trucks help you in maintaining balance and giving you the perfect amount of steer. These trucks are fluid and responsive.
  • Bearings: This longboard has ABEC 9 bearings. These bearings are very good rate because of many reasons. You do not need force to push your longboard because of these bearings. You get a more robust role with the help of these bearings. 
  • Abrasive grip tape: Besides a lot of features, this longboard has an abrasive grip tape attached to it. This tape enhances overall balance and stability during the ride. This is crafted from maple from Canada. 
  • Long-lasting skateboarding: The grip tape is so useful that it makes your ride long-lasting and you can skateboard for a solid and longer period.  


  • You can give it to skateboarders of any age. The age limit is not restricted in this longboard.
  • The fluid and responsive trucks make your ride even more balanced. 
  • Grip tape improves your stability to such an extent that any age holder can have and use this longboard.
  • Made up of Canadian maple it is a lot durable and long-lasting. 


• When you are using this longboard and trying to take a turn, you will end up taking a turn but with a significant wheel biting. 

4) Retrospec Rift Drop Through Longboard


• 80 AB grip tape 

• Coated deck 

• 70×51mm 78 polyurethane wheels 

• 41” longboard 

• 9.5” wide board 

• 180mm of kingpin trucks 

• ABEC 7 precision bearings 

This longboard is unique even in its name. This longboard has a very sophisticated design, which attracts a lot of customers out there. Its design is its plus point. You are going to enjoy the ride of this longboard because of its styling features, too. Barrett Junction says if you are a stylish skateboarder, you are going to love it because of its appearance and fascinating features. 

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Speed: This longboard is specifically designed with a lot of features in it. One of the main features is that you get to ride according to your desired and required speed.  This means that if you are a speed lover, you are going to have it and enjoy it. 
  • Stability: The longboard is built in such a way that you get the required stability even on challenging terrains. This stability factor attracts a lot of skaters. 
  • Instant turn: This longboard is used to have instant turns even on non-smooth terrains.  You just have to keep cruising on this longboard because this longboard makes you achieve the exact balance and stability too. Also, learn the cruising tips for a longboard to ride smoothly.
  • Kingpin trucks: These kingpin trucks let you move your longboard smoothly. These kingpin trucks let you have control and charge of this longboard. These trucks make your ride even more fascinating. 
  • Precision bearings: Very precise bearings are attached to this longboard. These are ABEC 7  bearings. These bearings make the ride on the longboard much more exciting. This longboard is always ready to take on whatever challenges I throw at it. 
  • Solid-built deck: The deck of this longboard is extremely solid. I do not think that this deck is even breakable. This deck is radially concave with the foot positioning. There is also no inclination present in the deck which makes you have more smooth moves. 
  • Wooden design: Its wooden design is really attractive. The design is made up of wood which makes it extremely stunning in its look. Moreover, I enjoy skating on this longboard and this is one of the best cheap longboards according to a lot of skaters.  


  • Surf style and sophisticated design make it exciting and stunning. 
  • The deck is coated with grip tape which means you do not have to worry about balancing problems. 
  • If you are a beginner, this longboard is great for you. As it is a cheap one and has a  lot of features on it. 
  • The deck has no inclination which means you will find it easy to have your footsteps on it.


• There is a lot of plastic that is gathered and clustered under the truck. Tools are required to remove this plastic because it causes hindrance in cruising on this longboard.  

5) Hawkeye 41” 8-Ply Free Ride Longboard


• 41 by 9-inch maple board 

• Weight limit of 330 pounds 

• 70mm wide wheels 

• HR82A shock-resistant Polyurethane wheels 

• ABEC 7 steel bearings 

• Steel axles 

This longboard is extremely popular among skateboarders. I am genuinely in love with this longboard. Unlike other cheap boards, this longboard has high-quality tape. There is  another feature installed in it named the “tiny skate tool.” This tool gives you a welcoming experience. 

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Eight layers: The longboard has eight layers. These layers make everything beneficial for you as this longboard is liked by most beginners and professional skaters. 
  • Cool shortcuts: The longboard consists of eight layers which help you to find good shortcuts for the tracks. This feature makes your ride even more comfortable and exciting. 
  • Firm grip: The longboard is designed in such a way that you get a very firm grip on it. This grip helps you to have a stable ride. I enjoy its grip because I can easily ride on it without hesitation of having balance and stability problems. 
  • Wooden Structure: Besides the above features, this longboard is made up of wood. The wooden structure attracts a lot of skateboarders because the structure matters a lot. 
  • Weight limit: You do not have to worry if you are a heavy or fat adult. This longboard has a wide range of weight-carrying capacities. It can hold up to 330 pounds. It means your being heavy is not a serious problem. 
  • Concave shape: The concave shape of the longboard allows you to take it downhill, on the streets, or in the skating park. This shape opens up the doors for riding your longboard on various terrains. 
  • For beginners and intermediate: The use of this longboard is not only for the beginner level. But if you are an intermediate, you can also have it for skateboarding or cruising on different terrains. 
  • Feet’s leverage: Due to the concave shape, the feet’s leverage is maximized. Because of this leverage, you can hold your longboard for the toughest and roughest of rides.  
  • Shock-resistant wheels: Because of the shock-resistant wheels, your ride on the longboard becomes extremely classic. Your ride becomes problem free because of these wheels.
  • Solid alloy trucks: The longboard is constructed with solid alloy trucks. These trucks keep the ride safe for beginners and experienced riders. In short, you do not have to worry about the quality of the longboard while purchasing one.  


  • A very firm grip tape is installed in this longboard. This tape helps you to keep your foot firm and have a strong grip on your longboard. 
  • A large deck is placed which helps you to place your foot peacefully on your longboard. 
  • You do not have to worry about the fact that you are a fat candidate because this longboard has a carrying capacity of 330 pounds. 
  • The steel bearings make your ride even more smooth. These bearings must be cleaned in time when required. 


• The degradation of wheels and the wooden design occurs sooner than expected.  

6) WiiSHAM Longboards 42” Pro Longboard


• Premium Longboard

• Paris trucks 

• 80mm tall wheels 

• Loaded Jehu v2 bearings 

• Available in 4 different colors 

This brand itself does not need any introduction. Its name is its introduction. This brand is built  on one of the best components. These components allow you to take your longboard down the hills. You can also enjoy it because of its style. This longboard comprises good and unique designs. Also, know the best longboard brands to get the best product.

Why Should You Buy It?

  • A premium option for both styles: Due to its specifically built features, you can enjoy its premium quality. It is available to enjoy both styles. You can use it for both carving and cruising. 
  • High-quality Paris trucks: Having high-quality Paris trucks, you can take them anywhere down the hill. These trucks help you move with ease and comfort factors. These trucks are very strong. 
  • Variety of wheels: The longboard consists of a variety of wheels. These wheels carry some specific power. Due to this power, you can use your longboard for carving. 
  • Loaded bearings: Due to the loading of bearings, the longboards become super turnery and exciting. These bearings must be cleaned in time so that you can easily fuel up your longboard. 
  • Two flex options: One of the great things about loaded la crus is that it comes in two flex options. These options let you have a flexible and smooth ride even on hills and non-smooth terrains. 
  • Appropriate for different weights: These loaded la crus are great in their terms. It has a  high rate of flexibility. It can carry different kinds of weights. That is why you do not have to worry if you are looking for a longboard for carving and you are carrying a heavy weight. 
  • Bouncing feature: This flex allows you to bounce on your longboard and bounce too while having turns. This feature makes the longboard unique on its own and attracts a lot of customers.  
  • The bonus of wheels: This longboard has a lot of features in itself. The wheels are a bonus.  These wheels are much stronger than one can ever imagine. These are also wide in length. You can enjoy these features while having a smooth peaceful ride. 


  • Due to the high-quality Paris trucks, you can flex your longboard on various terrains. The terrains can be extremely non-smooth. 
  • The tall wheels help you to have a smooth and balanced ride and make your experience even more peaceful.
  • These longboards are super turn. You can turn them in various directions and will face no difficulty in doing so. 


• This longboard is price-quality. It is an expensive longboard for a lot of people.  Due to its pricey nature, a lot of people find it difficult to buy one. 

7) MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard Skateboard


• Bear tkp trucks 

• 63mm tall Fatty Hawgs 

• 1/4 inch risers 

• Bear Spaceball bearings 

• 70mm wheels 

If you want one of the best longboards for carving and pumping, this is one of the best options because it has a lot of exciting features and characteristics that help you have a peaceful ride even down the hills. 

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Smallest wheels: This longboard has the smallest wheels. As this longboard is composed of a lot of components. Wheels are the smallest components of all. The small size makes them unique because these wheels are not visible sometimes but they work properly and efficiently. 
  • Reactive to your input: Due to the small size of the wheels, you can enjoy this longboard because it becomes nimble and it is then reactive to your input. The above feature helps you a lot in boosting your longboard. 
  • High-quality trucks: The trucks are of very high quality. This quality helps you to take your longboard downhill and to ride according to your wish. 
  • Big risers: These big risers help you to learn in a very efficient way. This lean is always super because of the quality of the risers. This lean occurs even without the risk of wheel bite. 
  • Top-mounted Rippers: These rippers are not the turnest but it is flexible. You can flex a lot on it and it turns quite deep. As it is top-mounted, you can turn it in a very aggressive and clear manner.  
  • Super turning: These rippers allow you to get super and fast turning. These also make other boards move. This amazing feature helps you to have a fun ride full of excitement. 
  • Respectable pace: Due to its nimble nature, you can turn it into a very respectable pace. This pace allows you to have a very exciting ride. Thus you do not have to worry about its pace as it is way more exciting. 


  • The fun thing about this board is that it is not only a carving board but also a pumping board.  
  • It is super nimble and it is completely reactive to your input.
  • You can learn wherever you want and your lean can be super deep without any of the wheelbases. 


• The only disliked thing about this board is that this board has small wheels. These wheels can cost you in having less or reduce speed. 

8) PINESKY 41” 8-Layer Natural Maple Longboard 


• Bamboo fish version 

• Surf-style look 

• 36” length  

• 70mm wheel size 

• 78A durometer 

Last but not least, this longboard has been included in this list because a lot of skaters have ranked it as the best longboard because of its specific components. These components make it atop-quality longboard and also one of the best longboards for both carving and pumping.  

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Classic shape: It has a classic shape because it has a pointed nose and tapered tail.  These two make their shape even more fascinating.  
  • Stylish look: The tail and the nose are made in such a way that they give the longboard a  surf-style look. In this way, a lot of surfers are also attracted to it.  
  • Color and design: This longboard has a turquoise color and its design is very unique which makes this longboard even cooler. 
  • Good stability: This longboard owns wheels of a larger size which offer you the perfect amount of stability and balance. In this way, you can cruise your longboard anywhere you want whether downhill or on beaches to make your videos and have fun.  
  • Kicks and Space: This pintail longboard is virtually flat and it has no extra kicks. These give you extra space to stand on it and move around wherever you want to. However, the absence of kicks also lets me put my feet on the top of the trucks. In this way, you can easily control the direction of the longboard. You can easily take U-turns also.  
  • Slight concave: The slight concave in the longboard gives you a stronger grip. So when you will be riding faster, you will not have to worry about the grip because this concave will help you in having a firm grip.  
  • Super flowy bear trucks: The bear trucks are super flowy and are one of the best-known trucks on the market. According to my experience, I easily pump this board in a very good way. You can do it too which gives you control. 
  • Fast and smooth wheels: The size of the wheels is so large which makes them roll faster and smoother and they can also absorb the imperfections of the ground very easily. In this way, you can have a faster ride. 


  • The wheels are of large size which gives you the perfect fast ride because in this way the wheels roll faster.  
  • The absence of kicks lets you position your feet on top of the truck to have full control of it.  


• The bearings move all the time when you cruise. That is why the bearings get rusty and dirty a bit earlier.  


What Is A Good Price For A Longboard?

The price of a longboard can vary greatly depending on the quality, components, and features. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay anywhere from $50-$500 for a good-quality longboard.

Is Buying A Longboard Worth It?

Yes, buying a longboard can be worth it for those who enjoy skateboarding and want to try something different. Longboards are great for cruising and carving, providing riders with a more comfortable ride than traditional skateboards. Plus, longboards are often easier to control and have better stability when riding at high speeds.

Is A Longboard More Expensive Than A Skateboard?

Generally speaking, a longboard is more expensive than a skateboard. However, prices can vary greatly depending on the features and type of board you are looking for.

Should A Beginner Start With A Longboard?

It depends on the individual’s personal preference, but in general, it is not recommended for beginners to start with a longboard. Longboards tend to be more challenging to control and require more skill to ride safely.

It is better to start with a shorter board that is easier to maneuver and gives the rider more control before progressing onto a longer board.

How Often Do I Get My Longboard Replaced?

It is not necessary to replace your longboard on any kind of set schedule. Generally, you should replace your longboard when it has worn out and no longer performs as it once did. If you use your longboard frequently, it may be a good idea to inspect it from time to time to ensure that it is still in good condition.

Is It Possible To Get Started With Longboarding By Getting A Cheap Longboard (Under $60)?

Yes, it is possible to get started with longboarding by getting a cheap longboard for under $60. However, it is important to keep in mind that you may not be able to find a good quality board at this price range.

Cheap boards often have poor components, such as trucks and wheels, which can lead to an unstable ride or even danger while riding. It is usually better to invest in a more expensive longboard if you want a safe and fun ride.

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