How Long Did It Take To Learn An Ollie?

How Long does it take to Learn an Ollie?

Learning an ollie is not an easy task. People take different times to learn an ollie. Some take a few days to learn, while others struggle for months or years. You can speed up the learning process, Ollie, but for this, patience is the key. 

But how long does it take to learn to ollie on average? On average, learning an ollie takes between a few weeks and six months. It also depends on the time of practice. How much do you practice in a day, and for how long? Cover the basics first if you want to learn Ollie the fastest. 

Popping an ollie is the most difficult challenge for new skaters. It takes almost two weeks to learn stationary Ollie and two months to learn moving Ollie. 

Practicing an Ollie

It would help if you practiced as much as possible to get a command on Ollie. But give yourself time to adjust and remember the movement. If you start feeling frustrated, it’s better to practice other skills and go elsewhere. 

Many people found themselves failing over and over again while practicing. So they got frustrated and stopped practicing. The next day, they tried to get the moves right. The same happened to me.

Your mind and body need time to process and memorize the movements. 

Practice is all you need; you will fail but eventually get the hang of it. 

Master the Ollie 

It looks scary at first, but that’s how it works in skateboarding. You overcome the fears and the commitment while you get the hang of a trick. The Ollie is all about popping, sliding, keeping balance and level, and landing on bolts. 

First, check the path and clear all the pebbles, twigs, glass, or things that can put a hurdle while doing the trick. 

Use your whole body to balance. Ollie is not all about popping and sliding your foot; balance is also important. Never stop to improve your ollie skill. 

Easy way to learn Ollie

Before starting the kick, try to learn the hippy jump. Stand on your board, jump up and land back. Try to get used to it. Now, if you are comfortable, do this while moving a little. 

Next, understand how to place your foot. Place the back foot on the end of the Kicktail hanging from the board. This way, it is easy to pop the board. Keep the front foot in the middle or close to the front bolt. 

The knee of front foot should be a little bent. At the same time, the back of the knee should be straight, and ready to jump. 

Now push gently at a normal pace and jump on the back foot. And commit at the same time. The Kicktail needs to jump a little. 

While popping your Kicktail, slide your front foot on the board, which will lift the board. Simultaneously lift your back foot while sliding your front foot to level your board. 

By lifting your back foot higher, you can ollie higher. While sliding your front foot, push the front (nose) forward, which will help lift the board. You can better understand everything by watching a YouTube video. 

Landing back

Now it’s time to learn how to land. First, don’t land in the middle or near any end of the board. This way, you can break your board or land on the wrong surface. 

Extend your feet and bend your knees. At the same time, you are trying to land on or above the bolts on both sides. So, if you are not ready to land, then don’t. It’s ok to bail out and get used to the feelings first. 

In theory, you can not understand properly, so watch online videos. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is an ollie hard to learn?

Like many other skateboard tricks, it is difficult to learn but also appears difficult to master. Popping the board and sliding your foot, while also jumping at the same time, does make it hard. So it would help if you had a lot of practice to master this trick. 

It is harder to master for some people than for others. But still, everyone needs practice, and no one can master it in one day. So be patient and start practicing, and you will succeed.

Is the Ollie A beginner trick?

Ollie is about jumping on the board, sliding your feet, and placing your foot back on the board. As jumping is one of the first techniques people learn, Ollie is also a beginner’s trick. Many other board tricks began with an ollie, which is all about timing, jumping, and placing your foot back on the board. 

How can I learn to ollie fast?

To learn Ollie, you must first learn the basics, like pushing off, turning, and stopping

  1. Now position your feet before popping and Ollie—the back foot on the tail and the front foot near the front truck bolt. 
  2. Add position to the back foot on the board to get momentum.
  3. Start the jump the moment you feel the board touching the ground.
  4. When you jump, the front of the board will rise. So drag your front foot towards the front trunk bolts to level the board.
  5. For landing, keep your board and your good parallel to the ground. The back foot should be resting lightly on the back bolts of the board and front to the front bolts. 
  6. Once the board touches the ground, bend your knees and come on, squatting position on the board. And land safely. 

Is it easier to ollie while moving?

While popping an ollie while moving makes it simpler to capture and even out the board, But popping an ollie while moving is more troublesome in our imagination. Boardriders can be afraid of doing the Ollie while moving. Falling while on the move can be more dangerous than a fall from a stationary ollie. 

Can you practice Ollie on grass? 

Yes, you can practice Ollie on grass. Practicing Ollie on a soft surface like carpet or grass is recommended. It will give you confidence and hold the board. It will also hurt less as compared to the concrete if you fall. 

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