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Longboard vs Shortboard: How to Choose the Right Board?

One of the most important things to do when surfing or skateboarding is to choose the right board.

Longboards and shortboards are two popular types of boards for these sports. They are different in size, how easy they are to turn, and how they look.

In this guide, we’ll look at the differences between longboards and shortboards for surfing and skateboarding and help you decide which one is best for you.

Longboard vs. Shortboard for Surfing

How long and how much

Most longboards are 8 to 10 feet long, while most shortboards are between 5 and 7 feet long. The length of a longboard gives it more volume, which makes it easier to paddle and stay on the wave. It also gives you a more stable place to stand and ride the wave.

Paddling and Getting Waves

Longboards are easier to paddle out to the lineup because surfers can see set waves while sitting on them. Shortboard surfers, on the other hand, have to lay on their boards and do a front crawl stroke to get into the waves and around the lineup.

Getting around and looking good

Shortboards are made to be more maneuverable and turn quickly, which lets surfers do more advanced moves and ride in more dangerous parts of the wave. On the other hand, longboards are more stable and easier to ride. They are designed for smooth gliding, cruising, and nose-riding.

Fin Setup

Longboards are usually set up with a single fin for nose riders and cruisers, while performance longboarders may choose a three-fin setup. Shortboards have smaller fins, and depending on the conditions and the surfer’s preference, they can have anywhere from two to five fins.

Learning curve

Most people think that longboards are easier for beginners because they are stable and easy to catch waves on. Learning to surf on a shortboard can be 100 times harder, but it’s still possible to learn and have fun if you have access to a shortboard.

A man riding a longboard

Skateboarding: Longboard vs Shortboard

Strength and Length

Longboards are longer than shortboards, which are often just called skateboards in the skateboarding world. Longboards are more stable when riding down hills and slopes because they are longer.

Tricks and Ability to Move

Shortboards or skateboards are better for tricks because they are easier to control and carry because they are smaller.

Choose for yourself

In skateboarding, the choice between a longboard and a shortboard comes down to how you like to ride. Some

People may like the stability and smoothness of a longboard for cruising and go downhill, while others might choose a shortboard to do tricks and have a more agile board.

A man riding a shortboard

The Funboard: A Different Way to Surf

Think about getting a funboard if you want a surfboard that is in between a longboard and a shortboard. Most of the time, these boards are 6.5–8.5 feet long and have a wide, round shape. Beginner surfers who have been practicing on a longboard for a while but are not yet ready to switch to a shortboard or a fish-style board can use funboards.


You can choose between a longboard and a shortboard based on how you like to ride, how good you are, and what you want to do. Longboards are more stable and easier to learn to surf on, but shortboards are better for advanced tricks and high-performance surfing because they are easier to turn. 

Longboards are better for cruising and going downhill, while shortboards are better for tricks and turning quickly.

Remember that there is no right or wrong choice; it’s all about finding the board that fits your style and goals the best. Don’t be afraid to try different boards until you find the one that speaks to you the most.

FAQs: Shortboard vs longboard

What is the main difference between longboards and shortboards when it comes to surfing?

Longboards are longer and have more volume than shortboards. This is the main difference between them. Longboards are usually 8 to 10 feet long and have more volume, which makes them easier to ride and more stable.

Shortboards, on the other hand, are between 5 and 7 feet long and are made to be easier to turn and move around on.

Which board makes surfing easier for beginners?

Longboards are easier for beginners to learn to surf on because they are stable, make it easy to catch waves, and give you a more stable place to stand.

Can I use a shortboard to learn how to surf?

It is possible to learn how to surf on a shortboard, but it is much harder than learning on a longboard. But you can still have fun and learn if you have access to a shortboard and want to try it.

What is the main difference between longboards and shortboards In skateboarding?

Longboards are used for skateboarding. They are longer and more stable, which makes them good for cruising and going downhill. Shortboards, which are also called skateboards, are smaller than longboards and are better for doing tricks and going fast.

What is a funboard?

A funboard is a type of surfboard that is in size and shape between a longboard and a shortboard. Most of the time, they are 6.5–8.5 feet long and have a round, wide shape.

Funboards are for beginner surfers who are ready to move on from a longboard but aren’t quite ready for a shortboard or fish-style board.

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