What Types Of Waves Are Best For Longboards?

What Types of Waves are Best for Longboards?

Big waves, air, and massive tubes are what modern surfing is about. 

The outer limits of progression can go bigger. However, most people want the extreme limits of amusement, and longboarding gives you proper fun in that aspect.

While surfing, choose the board that matches your ability. It makes a big difference in how much we enjoy surfing. Wave size also matters when choosing a board.

 If you live in an area with small waves, longer boards are good for you because small waves are like big boards. It is a great option to use this board on small rolling waves. 

Best Waves for Longboard

You can follow the following steps to make your surfing more enjoyable. Some people care about the longboard size, but most people care about the waves.

Let’s look at the below you can follow:

1. Longboard surfing for beginners

We are gonna talk about basic surfing techniques for beginners:

  1. First of all, preparation is necessary. Buy the things you will take with you on the beach, like a longboard but make sure to buy a second-hand longboard or something with a compatible price.
  2. Before going directly for a drive, stay back and observe the waves.
  3. Go into the water and wait for the last wave to pass, then jump on the board and start slow paddling.
  4. Balanced your board position properly.
  5. Start with centric-based paddling and know when to paddle and when to wait
  6. Check the surroundings to see that there is no one near you, and you will not crash.
  7. After all of this, you are ready to pop up on the board but practice this on the sand first.
Longboard surfing for beginners
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2. Intermediate Longboard surfing 10 Tips

Tips for the intermediate longboarder:

  1. Select the right board according to your skill.
  2. Make sure to paddle efficiently 
  3. Do the duck dive properly. When the wave is 6 feet away, a proper duck dive begins.
  4. Try to take off at the pinnacle level of the wave
  5. While surfing look down on your line and not towards the beach, it can distract you.
  6. Bent your knees while riding as it will help you maintain your speed
  7. For turning during surfing, make sure to turn your arms first in the direction you want to take your turn.
  8. You need to utilise your body to make it turn fully.
  9. Stay on the open face of the wave and do not surf in front of the wave for too long.
  10. For speed or momentum changes, you need to adjust your feet according to your ride.

3. What size of longboard should I get?

What size of longboard should I get
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Well, the longboard is available in a lot of sizes. Choose one which is according to your style and experience. However, try to go for a longer board as it helps in easy riding and is super stable. The techniques are easy to use with the longboard.

But a short longboard is good for big and dangerous waves.

There are a variety of boards you can choose from. You can google the best boards or ask the seller about the best boards as they are selling these boards and have a perfect idea of what to recommend to you.

4. Best Longboard waves in the world 

Waves play a vital role in properly surfing. People who surfed preferred the bigger or more aggressive waves. While people who are beginners and learning start with short, fun waves.

 Here we will talk about the best longboard waves in the world.

Historical longboard waves at the first point in Malibu, California

One of the most famous longboard waves in the world is Malibu. 

Here you can take off from three different areas, and it delivers perfect shaped waves by working on all tides. But because it is always crowded, bacteria pollution is the problem. And it ruined its image.

Makaha in Oahu, Hawaii

It was popular with big-wave surfers.  But currently, north waves are more famous.

Scorpion Bay in Baja California Mexico

It is best for perfect long surfing. It is big enough to connect 7 different points to create a ride of 2km.

5. Best longboards for the east coast waves

As east coast waves are small waves, the longer boards are best for them. Here is a list of the best boards for the east coast waves:

  • Lost Evil Twin
  • DHD mini twin 2
  • Firewire seaside
  • Lost puddle jumper HD
  • Hypto Krypto twin
  • Firewire go fish
  • DHD Phoenix
  • Lost RNF 1996
  • McTavish butterball
  • Most mid-lengths

Frequently Asked Questions

What waves are best for longboards?

The best longboarding waves for surfers are:

  1. Batu- Bolong. Bali Indonesia
  2. Lafitenia France
  3. Hainan Island China
  4. Riviera D’Ilhas Ericeira, Portugal
  5. First Point Malibu U.S.A

Are longboards good for big waves?

Longboards should not be used in large, fast waves. You may hurt yourself or others if you lose control of your board. As a result, it is advised that you do not use your board in large waves to save yourself.

Are shortboards good for big waves?

Yes, shortboards ensure that there will be no sections when traveling downwind through waves or when you are attaining those dangerous turns at higher speed.  

This is why the shortboard is ideal for big and dangerous waves.

How do you choose a longboard surf?

You should choose your board according to your skills. If you are a beginner, go for a longer longboard or a board with a 9’4 length and width of 23. The beginner surfer’s weight should be 15-17 pounds. 

There are many reasons to choose longer boards for beginners. They are easy to ride, super stable, and steerable. 


It is a great option to have longboards in your collection. They work great in small waves, and you have fun with them.

But make sure to choose boards accordingly if you want to get hurt. Small boards are good if you want to get aggressive with waves, but longer boards are good if you want just to relax. But you can always switch between boards.

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