Longboard Costs

Longboard Costs: How Much Should You Pay for it?

The cost of a longboard will depend on the type, brand, and size you choose. Generally, entry-level longboards range from $30 to $200, while higher-end boards can cost up to $500.

The price can also vary depending on whether you buy it online or in a store. Ultimately, you should consider your budget and the type of riding you plan to do before choosing a board.

Do Longboards Cost More?

The cost of longboards can vary depending on the type and quality of board you purchase. Generally speaking, longboards tend to be more expensive than traditional skateboards due to their larger size, wider decks, and greater stability.

Entry-level longboards typically range from $100 – $200 while high-end models can cost upwards of $400 or more. The cost will also depend on the materials used to construct the deck and trucks, as well as any additional features such as wheel size and bearings. For example, boards made with bamboo may be cheaper than carbon fiber boards with larger wheels and better bearings.

In comparison, entry-level skateboards usually range from $30 – $150 with higher end models costing up to around $400 or more. Again, the price will depend on the materials used and additional features such as wheel size and bearings.

Overall, longboards tend to cost a bit more than traditional skateboards but can provide a smoother ride for those looking for a more comfortable cruising experience.

The following factors determine the price of a longboard:

  • Brand of the longboard
  • Size and riding style of the longboard
  • Trucks upgrade
  • Deck Construction
  • Bearings Upgrade
  • Wheel Size Upgrade

The cost of longboard from different brands

Here is a quick overview of the longboard prices for some of the top brands on the market that produce dependable, solid, and high-quality products.

The longboards in the low-cost range rely on the usual index rate, overlooking any additions. This article includes only regular-sized boards without prominent dancers or mini cruisers. 

  1. Loaded longboards: $290 – $360 (excluding the $500 Chubby Unicorn Blood Slayer)
  2. Moonshine longboards: $250 – $340
  3. DB longboards: $140 – $310
  4. Landyachtz longboards: $170 – $250
  5. Rayne longboards: $200 – $250
  6. Omen Longboards: $160 – $250
  7. Globe longboards: $150 – $230
  8. Dusters California: $145 – $230
  9. Arbour longboards: $150 – $210

Longboard Pricing Ranges with Different Riding Styles

As previously stated, longboard cost varies with deck size, and deck size varies with riding style. Different riding styles require different-sized longboards to perform their tricks. The reason is that the price of much smaller and much bigger longboards is either less than or more than the price range for a “normal” longboard.

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Mini Cruisers Cost

Mini Cruisers Cost
Source: Skateboards HQ

Cruisers the size of 32″ or less typically cost less than a standard longboard; you probably wouldn’t refer to them as “longboards.” The fact that less material goes into their development likely influences the cost. Yet, these scaled-down cruisers are especially good for longboarders who want a small, affordable board for riding well in the city.

Here we listed some mini-cruisers. Their price is generally below $150:

  • Arbor Pilsner: $150
  • Dusters Flashback: $140
  • Landyachtz Tugboat: $140
  • Globe Blazer: $135-$140
  • Landyachtz Dinghy: $130

Dancing Longboard Prices

Dancing boards are more extravagant than regular-sized longboards. Significantly more material goes into these decks, and longboarders who are into dancing hope to follow through on a top-notch price for these larger-than-usual longboards with adequate space for boardwalking.

Dancing Longboard Prices

The cost for these huge dancing longboards in the stores are:

  • Loaded Tarab (425$)
  • Landyachtz Stratus (200$ – 400$)
  • Loaded Bhagra (360$)
  • Rayne Whip (260$ – 360$)
  • DB Dancefloor (320$)
  • Bustin Daensu (280$)

Longboard costs based on truck upgrading

The longboard price also depends on truck upgrades. If you upgrade the truck, the price will almost certainly rise. Trucks used in downhill riding can easily cost from $100 to $150 per truck

Suppose you change your stock truck for a particular carving truck. for example, a Carver CX truck. It can boost the cost of the board from $100 to $130. 

The Deck construction and longboard cost

A longboard made of bamboo wood costs more than any other wood board. Even brands with multiple model longboards in various constructions charge more for the bamboo version than the maple version. For example, Landyachtz’s bamboo chief is more expensive than the maple chief by $15 to $20. 

Aside from the material used to make the deck, the manufacturing process and technology used to make the board have a big impact on its price. For example, loaded longboards They used a high-technology mix of bamboo laminate and fiberglass binding to get a high-performing, flexible, and reliable deck. These longboards are higher in price than ordinary maple boards. 

Wheels and Bearings upgrading and longboard cost

As truck upgrades lead to a higher cost of longboards, the upgrading of wheels and bearings can cause an increase in the price range. For example, changing the stock standard wheels of a longboard to larger wheels will naturally increase the overall cost of the longboard. 

Same with bearings; the ones that come with your longboard are standard-sized and can cost as little as 10 dollars, so when you upgrade your bearings to a costly one (Bones Red), it can cost you 20 dollars. 

Choose the longboard according to your need and save money by avoiding costly longboards. You can upgrade the longboard by upgrading the truck, deck, wheels, and bearings. But ride a longboard for a time and then decide on upgrading according to your skill level. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are longboards expensive? 

Yes, but the cost of a longboard depends on different factors. The most important thing is quality; a good longboard costs around 90 to 150$. These longboards can be perfect for newbies to enjoy longboarding. You can get good-quality trucks, wheels, and bearings to get a good experience on a cheap board. 

How much does a longboard usually cost?

Generally, a longboard with reasonable quality costs between 150$ and 450$, but a beginner should not spend that much price on their first longboard. It will be good if they buy a longboard that costs between 60 and to 250$. 

After mastering the skills, they can upgrade their boards. They should not compromise on quality also, as a regular-size board should not be under 150$. 

Are longboards suitable for beginners?

Yes, longboards are an excellent way to start for beginners. More than 90% of beginners should start with a cruiser board. Buy at least 30″ long in size and an 8.5″ wide panel for newbies. It will be easy for beginners to balance in a broader deck, and the wheels should be soft (77a to 83a) and large (60mm to 80mm). The large and smooth wheels can easily roll over cracks and bumps. 

Are longboards cheaper than skateboards?

 No, longboards are more costly than skateboards. If you are looking for a quality board, longboards are expensive—a longboard with a good quality range between 150$ to 250$. These longboards will provide you with a good-quality deck, a durable truck, and incredible wheels.

While the skateboard with decent quality costs between 90$ and 150$. The price ranges are also affected by different factors.

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