How Much Does A Longboard Cost

How Much does a Longboard Cost?

How expensive is a good longboard? If you are interested in this topic, you might be a beginner longboard rider looking to buy your first board. 

Because of the price, you’ll probably regret buying a longboard. Cheap longboards may also deter you from longboarding because your ride will be mediocre. 

Is there a price range for nice longboards? And how much does a longboard cost?

Longboards can range in price from $150 to $2000 for a complete, depending on quality. However, if you’re new to longboarding, starting with a complete longboard is recommended, which can cost anywhere from $60 to $250.

But, it depends on your requirements, like you need a longboard for beginner or professional. However, electric longboard prices are also high compared to simple longboards. The other factors also depend on the longboard cost, such as:

1- Deck Size

2- Dancing longboard

3- TKP or RKP trucks

4- Bearing upgrade

Let’s take a detailed look at each factor’s cost!

Impact of deck size on longboard cost

As previously stated, the price ranges for each product did not include longboards with unusually tiny or large dimensions. There is a simple reason for this: the prices of smaller and larger longboards fall outside of the “normal longboard” price range.

City cruisers (also known as mini-cruisers) that are 32 inches or shorter in length often cost less than a standard longboard. These mini-cruisers are ideal for nimble city riding for longboarders on a budget.

Miniature cruisers usually cost less than $150. Here are a few well-known instances:

  • Dinghy from Landyachtz for $130 
  • $140 for a Landyachtz Tugboat 
  • $135 to $140 for Globe Blazer 
  • For $140, you get the Dusters Flashback
  • Arbor Pilsner: $150 a case
Impact of deck size on longboard cost
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Dancing Longboards Cost

On the other hand, large dancing longboards tend to be more expensive than conventional ones. Longboarders who enjoy dancing expect to pay a premium price for these huge boards with plenty of room for board walking. See my list of the best longboards for dancing.

Here is the average price of the most popular longboards for dancing:

  1. Loaded Bhangra costs $360
  2. $200-$400 for the Landyachtz Stratus (maple vs bamboo hollow tech) 
  3. Rayne Whip: $260 to $360 
  4. Daensu Bustin’ Costs $280 
  5. $320 for the DB Dancefloor  
  6. Loaded Tarab: $425.50

How much should you pay for your longboard?

If you want a solid longboard with a smooth ride and good craftsmanship, you should expect to pay at least $150 (unless you receive a special deal) for a standard 33-43-inch model.

There is no need to spend more than $250 on your first longboard unless you are already committed to the sport and want something high-performance and long-lasting to accompany you on your journey.

The price range for a nice small cruiser for urban riding may be in the $130 – $150 range. Quality TKP or RKP trucks and smaller yet more powerful wheels distinguish good mini-cruisers from bad.

How much should you pay for your longboard
Source: Simtek

You can expect to pay up to $260 (excluding promotions) for a large, high-quality longboard dancer with good carving trucks (e.g. Bear Grizzlies) and high-quality medium-sized wheels if you’re interested in longboard dancing (60-70mm).

By upgrading the Bearing, you should expect the cost of your longboard to rise by $20 to $100 for each of these upgrades if you elect to go with a high-end truck, larger wheels, or high-performance bearings, respectively. Longboarding for a while before making any upgrades is the best course of action in my opinion.

Other Factors to Consider

  1. It’s possible to buy the best longboard ever made if you have the money.
  2. Decks aren’t for everyone’s budget, of course. The first step in the quest for the greatest longboard is identifying the cheapest board that matches your criteria.
  3. Most people new to longboarding cannot tell the difference between a good longboard and a terrific one. You shouldn’t spend a lot of money on your first longboard while you’re just getting started.
  4.  It’s important to remember that your first longboard is mostly for you to become accustomed to the board and learn the proper technique for balancing.
  5. The final aspect to consider when selecting whether to buy a cheap or expensive longboard is your skating style.
  6. Will you use the longboard to get around, or will you use it for transportation? What are your plans for it? Will you use it to get from A to B, relax, or compete down the slope?
  7. The components may differ depending on the type of riding the longboard is intended for. Choosing a board that can handle a wide range of riding styles is the greatest option for a beginner. 
  8. Choosing a longboard often depends on how much money you’re prepared to spend.

How much is a good quality longboard?

A high-quality longboard ranges from $90 to $150 for a complete longboard. This is perfect for someone who wants to get into longboarding for the first time and stick with it. If you compare it to a cheap one, you’ll notice a significant difference in the quality of the trucks and wheels.

Are longboards worth it?

Longboards are more stable than normal skateboards since they are made more ergonomically and are longer. In addition, longboarding is an excellent training ground for braking, one of the most important skills for cruising and skating.

 Purchasing a pre-assembled set saves time and money. This should be a simple task, as most boards have already been configured. 

Adaptability is a given. A greater grasp of your board and its priorities will be revealed to you as a result of this exercise. In addition, you may wind up with a board that is straightforward to use and of high quality.

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