is Longboarding Hard?

Is Longboarding Hard?

Before getting into longboarding, every beginner wants to know if it’s easy or difficult. 

Well, the answer is no it’s not hard if you just want to enjoy riding a longboard or want to cruise around. Work on your balance and learn about pushing and turning the longboard. 

Longboard riding is entirely dependent on a variety of factors, and these factors will be crucial in determining whether your longboarding will be easy or difficult. 

The factors include your fitness level, age and physical abilities, the longboard type, and what tricks you want to do with it. Also, the environment matters a lot in which kind of environment you are going to ride.

Factors affecting the longboard difficulty

Longboards are easy to ride but some factors can affect their difficulty level. Let’s talk about the factors affecting the longboard difficulty:

Age and fitness:

The most important factors in longboarding are age and fitness. As we see, most riders are teenagers and young people. Old guys don’t go for longboard riding, but if they are fit and strong, there is nothing wrong with old people riding longboards. 

Older people also think they will look silly when riding a longboard, but that is not the case. If you are fit and can enjoy the riding, go for it. Young skaters also love to see old men among them. If your fitness is good, then the only things you need are a longboard, protection pads for safety, and a smooth surface to ride on. 

Fitness is necessary for riding a board, no matter what your age is. Longboard riding is associated with balancing. If you are fit and have the energy to balance the board, it will be easy for you to ride. 

Riding style:

If you learn to balance on a board, then it will not be difficult for you to learn to cruise or ride smoothly on a board. So it depends on what riding style you want to have

The most advanced riding styles like downhill riding, uphill riding, and freestyle require a lot of balance and control on board. You will need skills, patience, and protective gear for the safety of these riding styles. 

Longboard types:

There are many different types of longboards.

You must pick the right board for yourself. Always choose a longboard with good length and width. Good quality boards also have good wheels with nice grip which provide stability and comfort while riding. 

On the other hand, boards with low quality, a small deck size, and small wheels will not give you smooth riding. 

So choose the longboard according to your style and size.

Skills for longboard riding

Skills you will need for longboard riding:

  • First, you need to know what your natural stance is or how to stand on a longboard
  • After finding the stance you need to learn balance on the longboard. Master the balancing while you’re rolling the longboard
  • Learn how to push forward with your foot
  • Learn how to turn left or right while riding a longboard
  • Learn how to do foot braking/ how to stop the longboard

Skateboarding or Longboarding, What is Easier?

Longboarding is much easier than skateboarding. Longboards with longer, wider, and softer wheels are much easier to balance. 

While it is difficult to ride a skateboard because it’s small in size and has hard wheels. 

Skateboards need feet on the ground to give them speed while you can use force on board to make it speedy in longboards.

Skateboarding or Longboarding, What is Easier?
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Is Longboarding Hard?

People wonder if longboards are safe or not, it is not a dangerous sport but its higher speed makes it dangerous.

Longboarding is as safe as you make it and depends on various factors like your ability to control speed, the way you ride, which safety gear you use, and the environment you ride in. 

It is a fun sport but you need to make it safe for yourself. By being careful you can reduce the risk of injuries. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the longboard harder than the skateboard?

Riding a skateboard and a longboard have so much in common but at the same time, it’s also different sports. 

A longboard is much easier to ride than a skateboard because of its structure. They are large and their wheels are much bigger and soft which makes them easier to control and ride.

However, a skateboard is small and has smaller and harder wheels which make them a little hard to ride and they are not as comfortable to ride especially for beginners.

Is a longboard good for beginners?

Yes, longboard riding is easier than any other type of boarding. That’s why most beginners should take a start from it. 

Just look for the size which is more comfortable to ride. We will recommend using a board that is 30 inches long and 8.5 inches in width. 

A large longboard with a bigger deck will be easier to balance and the soft and big wheels can roll on cracks and bumps on the road easily. 

Is longboarding easier than snowboarding?

Longboarding is very much easier. Longboarding and snowboarding are much similar to each other but snowboarding is with bindings. 

Their tuning techniques are also similar to each other. The same mentality is needed to try new techniques with both. 

Snowboarding nature is about fast learning as you have to be ready to learn at any point while boarding and it is very important.

Is it easier to learn a longboard than a skateboard?

Skating can be learned by using a standard skateboard or on shortboards. Some people like that but most people prefer longboards for safety reasons. 

Longboards are much easier to learn as you can learn all the skills separately before joining them all like ( turning, pumping, balance, and strength).

Longboards are much more stable because their size is larger compared to skateboards. Their wheels are also bigger and softer, which helps with smooth rides even on a cracked road. 


Longboards are not that hard to ride. You just need to know what type of longboard to get according to your preferences and size. 

Balance is the most important skill to learn when riding a longboard. So try to practice balancing as much as you can. 

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