Convert Skateboard to Longboard

Convert Skateboard to Longboard (Step By Step Guide)

Longboards can convert into skateboards, but it will be a little trouble as the wheels of longboards are a little bigger than the wheels of a standard skateboard, so they can be good for riding on rough surfaces. You can try putting these wheels on a skateboard and turning it into a longboard, but you will get wheel bite when you turn. 

So use risers to lift the deck or a short longboard with cutouts, wider trucks, and better wheels. 

You can turn your old skateboard into a longboard by following these steps.

What You Need to Get For Converting Longboard to Skateboard

Trucks:  Shortboard trucks with the board wheels.

Bearings: The cheapest one will be good enough.

Skateboard: Stylish, modern double kicktail board.

  1. Speed washers
  2. Grip tape
  3. Bearing spacers
  4. Bushing
  5. Varnish
  6. Conversion kit

How to Convert Skateboard to Longboard

Step -1 Get the Bits

Get the Bits
Source: Electrek

If you own an old skateboard, it’s good, but if you do not, I suggest you consider buying one from any online place selling for cheaper. 

Now take all the board parts apart, including the grip tape. If you don’t want to take the grip tap off, it’s fine, but I recommend it as it can be hard on saw blades and will not provide a nice finish. 

Step -2 Mark the Cuts

Now mark the lines on the board where you want to cut; otherwise, you can mess things up by cutting deeper. That can turn out to be far too large for a cruiser board. 

The holes for wheels should be in semicircles and use a compass to make those marks. For curves, draw them on folded papers first, then cut them out and use the unfolded paper to cut them out. 

Step -3 Cutting the Shape

Cutting The Shape
Source: Electrek

Cut out the parts you don’t need using a jigsaw or a bandsaw. You can also use a handsaw, and if the saw is not your thing, do not cut on the line but a little far from the line and then sand or rasp the board to the line. It will take some time, but you can cut more precisely. 

Be careful while making the wheel hole because the wheels will not fit if it is cut. And in that case, you have to make new holes. And if the holes you made previously are visible, you can close them by mixing the sawdust of the board with wood glue that makes putty, and you can fill any holes very well. If the putty products are a little bit out of the hole, don’t worry, as they will get sanded later. 

Step -4 Sanding

Use a scraper or sandpaper to remove all the pain and old stickers. Scratch the board from the upper and lower sides as well as from the sides. Do the sandpapering, rasping, and filing on the cutting edges to make them smooth and the same as the board. Use the grades of sandpaper to make the board smooth.

For example, use sandpaper from rough to smooth to all pretty. Use a power sander and finer sand at the end for the first few roughnesses. 

Try not to do the top surface too much, as it will cover with a grip tap. In the end, clear all the dust while wearing wet clothes. 

Step -4 varnishing and applying grip tape

Now, use paint or stain to make your board all shiny and smooth. You can use any color you like. I prefer using water-based quick varnish as it dries out quickly without giving much smell. But water-based varnish is not going to stay put in wet weather, so it is better to the cot and seal it with a clear spray can 

After getting it all smooth, now put grip tape on it. For this, you can use friend help if it gets stuck wrongly or wrinkly; you have to do everything from the start. Remove the tape from underneath, then slowly start placing it on the board. Suppose you have gone out from the edges while applying grip tape. Then cut the edges in the right direction with sandpaper. 

The Ride
Source: Electrek

Step -5 The ride

Now clean and lubricate the bearings, put them back, and use bearing spacers and speed washers. The bearings are not affected by tightening the nuts. Now make sure your truck is put back together in the right way. Now have a smooth and mellow ride. 

Can you turn your skateboard into an electric skateboard?

Yes, you can turn your regular skateboard into an electric skateboard instead of buying one by using any conversion kits from the following: 

  1. Revel kit
  2. Loaded kit
  3. Cruiser Kit
  4. M5 drive kit
  5. Drive kit 
  6. Solo kit
  7. 2s electric skateboard kit
  8. Motor kit
  9. Race kit
  10. Mellow drive

You can use any of these kits from the online store or can use DIY material or kits. 

In this DIY kit, you have to use a motor and battery pack. The motor should be a powerful hub motor. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Turn A Regular Skateboard Into A Cruiser?

Replace the trucks with larger, softer ones that can support more weight and give a smoother ride.
2. Change the wheels to softer, larger wheels.
3. Add riser pads and risers to raise the board from the ground for a smoother ride.
4. Change out the bearings for ones that are designed for cruising (ABEC 5 or higher).
5. Put on grip tape in the style of a cruiser for better traction when taking off and turning corners.

Can I put longboard wheels on my skateboard?

Yes, you can put longboard wheels on a skateboard. However, it is important to note that some skateboards may not fit certain types of longboard wheels. It is important to do research and check the appropriate wheel sizes for your board before selecting new wheels.

Can You Put Longboard Trucks On A Skateboard Deck?

Yes, you can put longboard trucks on a skateboard deck. Longboard trucks are designed to fit standard skateboard decks and wheelbases, so they can be used with any kind of skateboard.

Can You Cruise On A Regular Skateboard?

No, you cannot cruise on a regular skateboard. Skateboards are designed for performing stunts and tricks. For cruising, you need a longboard or cruiser, which are made to move slowly on flat surfaces.

Can I Put Cruiser Wheels On A Skateboard?

Yes, you can put cruiser wheels on a skateboard. Cruiser wheels are usually larger than regular skateboard wheels and provide a smoother ride. The size of the wheels will depend on the size of your skateboard deck, so make sure to double-check the size before making any purchases.

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