What are Pintail Longboards Best For

What Are Pintail Longboards Best For?

Pintail longboards are trending, and there are many reasons for it.

Did you ever wonder what pintail longboards are best for?

Pintail longboards are best for cruising, carving, downhill, freestyle, riding switch, sliding, off-roading, commuting, dancing, and showing off your style.

Best uses of pintail longboards


The pintail shape provides great stability at speed, making it an ideal board for cruising around town or on campus.


Pintails are excellent for carving up hills or streets thanks to their wide wheelbase and long-pointed tails that provide extra grip when cornering.


With their symmetrical shape and wide platform, pintail boards are perfect for performing freestyle tricks such as the 180s and 360s.

Riding Switch

The symmetrical shape of a pintail makes it easy to ride the switch (left foot forward) without having to adjust your stance too much.


Pintails have wide platforms and short wheelbases, making them great for sliding around corners with ease and control.


Pintails can also be ridden off-road, as they offer great stability over rough terrain due to their long wheelbase and wide trucks.


Whether you’re riding to school, work, or just out for a leisurely cruise, pintails are perfect for commuting thanks to their stable ride and easy maneuverability in traffic conditions.


If you’re just starting out in longboarding, then a pintail is an ideal choice for dancing as they provide plenty of stability while still allowing you to learn new tricks with ease.

Showing Off Your Style

With so many different shapes, sizes, colors, and graphics available there’s sure to be a pintail out there that perfectly reflects your individual style!

Pintail vs Drop-through 

Both of them are built differently in shape. The shapes of both products are very obvious. Pintails have a very obvious body with a pointing tail and a wider nose. The wheels stick out from both sides of the deck but are not far from the deck. 

Pintail vs Drop-through 

Drop-through longboards have a very typical shape. They have a deck that has a wide rectangular section. The shapes of the drop-through are often symmetrical and sometimes asymmetrical. Its wheels are far from the deck, unlike pintail longboards. 

Pintails are more flexible because of their stability and balance. Drop-throughs are designed for their speed. But pintails are built for having the correct balance. 

Pintail vs Cruiser

There is not much difference when it comes to pintail and cruiser. People get very confused when they have to choose between them because both have very distinct shapes and characteristics. So what is the best longboard for cruisers and pintail? and how to choose it?

Pintail vs Cruiser
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Pintails are designed specifically, and best to take them on the mellow cruising or carving on the beach sides or the bike trails. It is because of their in-built characteristics. They have a longer wheelbase and a flexible deck, making them do so.  

While on the other hand, a cruiser has a shorter wheelbase and stiffer deck, which makes them different from the pintails. The above characteristics help you to take your cruisers for agile street riding and graceful turns.

Riding a pintail longboard 

There is no rocket science involved in riding a pintail longboard. You do not need to practice riding on it. You just have to keep confidence and self-belief in yourself. If you want to ride on your pintail, pick it up. Put your one foot on it. Straighten it and then push from the other foot to go in the forward direction. 

Riding a pintail longboard 
Source: Original Skateboards

Stability and balance are achieved automatically because of how the pintail is made. It is not a heavyweight. It also does not have any carrying problems. It would help if you kept it under your armpits and put it on the floor to ride it. 

Best pintail longboards 

You can avail the best pintail longboards from various online sites. These longboards help you with traveling and longboarding. According to the reviews, the best pintail longboard is the Quest “Totem Longboard Skateboard. You can easily use it at the professional level.

It has very soft wheels that help you ride over rough surfaces easily. The great thing is that it is waterproof. You can hang it when the surface is wet. It has an anti-slip grip attached to it. This grip reduces the risk of falling.  

Best pintail longboards 
Source: Original Skateboards

This pintail longboard is designed and manufactured so that you can cruise easily with a stable deck and less flexibility. These two features make your ride easier.  

There are other longboards in the list that are included in the best longboards, but the above-mentioned longboard tops the list. 

Best places for a pintail longboard 

The Pintail longboard is designed to take it easy in the forward direction. It has a stability feature, which makes it unique on its own and helps you to take it to places that have calmness and peace involved. 

It has a wider deck and a pointed nose with a tail. These features help you to take your pintail longboard to different places. The best thing about the pintail longboard is that you can take it on beaches for a windy and peaceful ride. 

You can also take it on bike tracks to have a race-type feeling. You can easily ride there with a  full, firm grip on your pintail longboard.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Pintail Longboards Good For Turning?

Yes, pintail longboards are great for turning. They are very maneuverable and responsive, making them ideal for navigating tight corners, curves, and turns.

What Are Pintail Longboards Good For? 

Pintail longboards are a great choice for cruising, carving, and commuting. Their long wheelbase and symmetrical shape make them well-suited for fast, smooth rides. They have moderate flex which makes them more comfortable to ride on rough surfaces.

The wide trucks provide added stability and the tail gives greater control when turning or carving.

Pintails also provide an excellent platform for learning basic skateboarding tricks like ollies, kickflips, and manuals.

How Much Are Good-Quality Longboards? 

Good-quality longboards can range from around $100 to upwards of $400. It depends on the brand, materials used, and features included.

What Is The Best Material For A Pintail Longboard? 

The best material for a pintail longboard is usually some type of hardwood like maple, birch, or bamboo. The heavier the wood, the more sturdy and durable it will be.

How much should I spend on a first pintail longboard? 

This depends on your budget and what you are looking for in a longboard. Generally, you can expect to spend anywhere from $100 to $200 for a good quality pintail longboard.

Can You Downhill On A Pintail? 

No, you cannot downhill on a pintail. Pintails are designed for flatland and cruising. Downhill skateboarding requires more stability and control than a pintail provides and is better suited to a traditional skateboard or longboard design.

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